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The Mall,and The Blizzard

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Gerard goes to the mall,but people find out who he is,and a corwd of fans chase him everywhere. Nicole sees him,and find a way to make them stop chasing him. Gerard finds out Nicole walked to the m...

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Sorry that I haven't updated this story for so long!!!!!! I wuz on a short vacation!!!!!! Plus I wuz Christmas Shopping!!!!!!!
Gerard woke up the next morning,and realized he had fallen asleep on the couch watching television.She yawned and got up.He saw Mikey asleep on the bed,and Bob and Frank on the floor snoring.He carefully stepped over Frank and Bob,and Ray was on the other couch.
Gerard stepped over to the table,and got out some new clothes.He picked out exactly what he wanted to wear that day,and walked into the bathroom. He took a shower and dried himself off.Then,he got dressed and grabbed his hat and sunglasses.
Gerard decided to go to the mall,and he put on some cologne. He told his friends where he was going,and Mikey stepped in front of him.
"Gerard,this time if you're going to be late call us,okay?"he said,and his brother nodded.Mikey walked back over to Ray and Bob.Frank was still asleep,and Gerard left the room,and the hotel.
Gerard got to the mall about twenty minutes later,and walked around for only ten minutes before he stumbled and his sunglasses and hat fell off. Then,a girl realized who she was seeing,and yelled.
"Oh my god!!!!! It's Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance!!!!"and then a giant crowd ran toward him,yelling at eachother and pushing eachother down.
"Crap!!!!"he said,and started running. Nicole luckily was there when it happened,and she caught up to him.
"Gerard!What were you thinking?"she said as they ran.
"I was thinking that I was going to get you a christmas present!"he told her,and they sharply turned a corner into a store,and the crowd ran in,but they were stopped by security.
"Hold it!Hold it!What's going on?!"one of the gaurds shouted,but seven people pushed their way through the security guards and started looking for Gerard.Nicole thought quickly.
"Gerard,I have an idea,but you'll have to trust me,okay?"Nicole whispered to him,and he nodded."Alright.Ready?"she said,and he nodded again. Then,she grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him down to the floor.
She dropped down to the floor as well,and kissed him. Then after a few seconds,there were several gasps,along with a few shouts,and Nicole broke from the kiss,and she and Gerard yelled from surprise.
"Do you mind?"she asked them,and the people walked away shocked. Then,Gerard got up,and helped Nicole up.
"Thanks Nicole."he said,and he put his hat and sunglasses back on.
Gerard and Nicole got back to her apartment and hour later after going christmas shopping at the mall for half an hour. After everything calmed down a little after the 'incident'. Nicole noticed it was snowing heavily. She thought that it would die down after a few minutes.
"Would you like some hot cocoa?"she asked Gerard,and he nodded. Nicole made cocoa for the two of them and sat down next to him. Gerard took his cup with a thank-you.
"Thanks. You know,for getting that crowd off my back at the mall."he said,and she smiled.
"No problem."she said to him,and he smiled,too.
Twenty minutes passed,ad Gerard and Nicole were talking,laughing,joking around. Nicole noticed that the snow got heavier instead of lighter.'Oh dear.'she thought,and Gerard noticed the snow,too.
"Oh no! I can't drive through that snow!"he said,and sighed.He'd have to stay there,with Nicole the whole night. He got out his cell phone,and dialed Mikey's number.
"Hey,Mikey. Listen,there's a blizzard right now,and even once the snow lightens up I won't be able to drive back to the hotel."he said,and he held the phone away from his ear as Mikey started yelling at him. "Mikey! Geez,your acting like Mom! Listen! I'm at Nicole's house and I'm going to have to stay here for the-"he said,but was interupted by Mikey yelling again. "Mikey! Relax,man! I'm fine,but I'm snowed in,okay? I'll be back by tomorrow!"he said,and he held the phone away from his ear almost arms length as Mikey yelled even louder,and Nicole was giggling,she could almost make out what Gerard's brother was saying. "Mikey,I have to go,now! Bye!"Gerard shouted,and hung up on his brother. He stuffed the phone back into his pocket,and Nicole was restraining herself from laughing.
"Your brother is that protective of you?"she asked Gerard,and he nodded. "Wow. My mom wasn't even that protective of me."she said,and Gerard laughed
A hour later,Gerard and Nicole were watching t.v. and joking around with eachother. Nicole wound up falling asleep on the couch next to Gerard,and Gerard fell asleep soon after that.

That's all I got,guys...But my next chapter will even better!!!!! ^^
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