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Pieces of History Part Two

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The secrets of now lie in the past.

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XII. Pieces of History Part Two

They gave me this diary to write in because that stupid bitch woman thinks it would be a good idea to record the thoughts of a sentient being.


My thoughts are obviously too complex for any one of their species to get. Anything that can't make food without scorching it has to be bad.

Look at Rem for example. She burns food all the time. Each sausage she makes ends up as shriveled and blackened. They look like little pieces of coal.

One time, she brought them to me and they were burnt on one side and she cried Alex is dying you should pray pray pray and I said don't cry you stupid bitch he's going to die die die and I'm glad so she slapped me and said you don't know what I'm going through and I coughed up blood and said don't listen to my world and this is what happens so she cried and said I'm so sorry I take it back I take it back please please forgive me.

Lilies, lilies, stop bringing me lilies all I do is eat them. You can only eat flowers and that's the only thing they are good for.

My handwriting is hideous. Hope that doesn't happen again. That little outburst messed up my neat handwriting. And that is one of the few things I have left.

I don't know what that Alex twit saw in her, but I'm glad he's dead. Sure he said he would help me, but obviously the fact I was still suffering makes this point moot. Obviously if he cared about me and only me that much, I would still have both eyes.

Oh, the eye? That's an easy question to answer. One day I was reading an e-book, they only let me have the old ones. I think they're afraid that if it is a new book, that I will find a way to access things I should know. Like I'm some kind of thing so new that I could unlock things that shouldn't be unlocked. As if that would ever happen.

They came and took the book away from me. So I bit them. One of them screamed and slapped me. "Little brat," he snarled at me, "I'll teach you not to act like that."

So I bit him again. It was that stupid Steve guy, the one who smells like semen, beer, and vomit with the occasional whiff of urine entering the mix. That's when they did it. They said it was to take a sample. I doubt it though. I saw the way Steve leered at me. Obviously it was my punishment for biting him. Looking back now, I wish I had bitten harder because my teeth are coming out. They regrow in a few hours only to drop out again. I go to sleep with a sore mouth and wake up on a blood soaked pillow with little bits of bone scattered about.

I hate him. I hate this world. I hate everything in it. That's it for me in a nutshell.

I'm going to go to sleep now. Or try to. I try to tell the doctors that my leg is bothering me, but it's like they don't notice. It's like they don't care. be continued.
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