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Ryan is jealous of Ana's flirting with Brendon...

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Pete sat back on the comfortable sofa and drank his beer wondering why these people were all around him. Truthfully he didn't know a single one of them and yet they fussed around him as though they were old friends. The music in the club was loud enough to make him feel slightly invisible but unfortunately not loud enough to use as an excuse to ignore people. There was a particular girl that wouldn't leave him alone and he felt this weird sense of pity in his stomach and he hated that. He loved his work, he loved his fame to some extent but he hated how it made other people act around him. If other people could have somehow seen him and known him without the band, without the fame then maybe he wouldn't have got as lost in it as they did. He could feel this girl watching him and he wanted to shout at her, shake her, make her understand he was only some guy, he was only some boy in a band, he was only as special as she was. Pete spotted Ana making her way over with a tray of shooters. He was relieved she was there. He loved that girl and he loved how she made him feel real.

He couldn't help but smile when some guy bumped into her and knocked a few of the shooters off the tray and onto the dance floor. He saw the irritation slowly spread across Ana's pretty face and he watched her lips part ready for the onslaught. He laughed out loud when he saw her mouth begin to spill what he knew would have been very harsh words onto this poor guy. The guy was raising his arms in surrender and obviously apologising as Ana ranted at him for a while. Finally she turned abruptly on her heels and continued her journey to the table.
"Oh my fucking god!" she whined as she thumped the tray down, spilling the rest of the drinks. "Look!" she moaned turning her palms up to indicate the lack of available shooters.
"You did that!" Pete told her almost eager to keep her wound up, at least she was giving him some entertainment.
"That guy!" she almost screamed as she spun around and tried to point out the criminal to Pete. "Well some guy." She continued. Pete grabbed her wrists and pulled her down onto the sofa with him. "I was...."
"Just sit down and stop whining. I'll get us more drinks." Pete told her. He leaned forward and threw an empty pack of cigarettes at some guy that had been part of his entourage all evening. "Dude!" he shouted. The guy turned seeming happy Pete had addressed him even if it was by throwing something at him. "Get everyone some drinks!" he shouted. "On my tab." He added and passed him the bar card. The guy disappeared happy to do such a favour.

Ana frowned at Pete for a moment knowing this wasn't his normal behaviour. He could be harsh sometimes, just like her but it wasn't like him to take advantage of the way someone looked up to him. He could tell she was going to have words with him because he knew her.
"What did I always say to you?" she then asked him. Pete shrugged his shoulders but he remembered what she had always promised him. "I said if you ever get lost up your own arse I'll slap you until you find your way out." He smiled at her but she didn't smile back. "You might need a slap for treating that guy like a fucking servant."
"Oh man." Pete moaned as he rubbed his face with his hands. "I'm so tired." He told her.
"Doesn't mean you can be a dick."
"I know." He replied. "You're right." He smiled at her. "So hey entertain me and tell me what's going on with you these days?" Ana was annoyed that he wanted to change the subject, she was a little worried about him.
"Nothing." She answered him as she checked her handbag for some cigarettes. "You got any..." Pete had already pushed the packet across the table at her. "Thanks." She smiled.
"Homeless again then?" he joined her for a smoke and leaned over to light her cigarette for her. She nodded as she inhaled. "So you want to come with us for the shows we're doing next month?" he asked her.
"Yeah." She grinned. "How many you doing?"
"Oh it's only five I think." He explained. "Just the last lot of the year, then we're gonna go into the studio after Christmas."
"Cool that would be excellent thanks." Ana felt a little happier to think she at least has some plans now.
"Panic are doing the last two dates with us in New York." Pete then told her. Ana felt that initial sense of excitement slip away from her. She felt like she would never be able to escape her fuck up as far as Ryan was concerned. If only she hadn't have been so hasty, if only she had have talked to him when all that stuff first happened.

Ryan followed Helen closely wishing he had have stood his ground and stayed at the hotel watching crappy TV on his own. She had spent the last hour applying make up and dressing herself in numerous outfits only to throw a tantrum and change again. He was starting to realise just how much she irritated him and with Ana constantly on his mind the differences between him and Helen suddenly seemed immense. It was hot in the club and crowded but Ryan hadn't thought it would get any more uncomfortable until he saw Ana sat laughing and drinking with Pete. He almost heard the sigh leave his body when realised Helen would totally freak about it.
"Dude!" Brendon shouted. "Lemonade?" he asked. Ryan nodded and joined the table, flashing an insincere and awkward smile at Ana. Pete broke the silence and began talking about the shows in New York while Ana sat staring in one direction and Helen in the other. "There you go." Brendon placed the drinks down on the table.
"Thanks." Ryan smiled at his friend wondering how he would go about his relations with Ana in front of everyone.
"I have that track you wanted!" Ana told Brendon. Ryan watched her face light up with excitement as Brendon climbed behind people and along the sofa to sit beside her. "It's amazing I love it." She started fussing in her bag and pulled her phone out.
"You star that's great thanks." Brendon grinned at her and they began a cosy chat about music as they used their phones to send one another mp3's. Ryan watched for a moment feeling the jealousy almost bubble in his guts.

Brendon could smell Ana's perfume as she leant close to speak to him and it was distracting him from the conversation. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening between them because she was definitely flirting with him. He loved it of course and it turned him on seeing the way she played with her hair or the way she pouted slightly and he had noticed her deliberate attempts to touch him as often as possible. It was weird because even though his brain told him she was doing it to make Ryan jealous he couldn't help getting a little caught up in it.
"No I totally bite my nails." Ana laughed.
"Do you?" he asked her as he took her hand in his own and looked at her fingers. "They don't look like it." He told her. Their hands dropped back down to the seat between them but Brendon was still holding her fingers. He watched Ana as she leant her head to one side and stared at him. "They're pretty." He said to her holding her stare quite bravely.
"You have the most amazing eyes." Ana then said to him. He smirked at her and she suddenly realised what was happening. She pulled her hand from his and sat herself up straight as if someone had just slapped her. "Wow I need another drink." She said and got up from the table. Brendon watched her walk away wondering if maybe, just maybe there was a connection after all. As his eyes swung back to the table they met with Pete's. Brendon smiled but Pete just slowly shook his head him and he knew exactly what he was telling him.
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