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Will I have a chance...? A chance to be marvelous again...? A Sephiroth-centric poem.

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Black wing

White wing

Feathers surround me.

Falling off and drifting

into the little world below me.

Looking down and watching

as they flutter in the breeze.

Taking on wings of their own

as they continue to soar.

I wonder

when they'll hit the ground.

I wonder

if they'll ever be found.

Will they feel the touch

of human hands?

Or perhaps,

the bitter cold

of the wind once again?

If someone does find one...

Will they look up?

Will they look up at me?

What would they say

if they saw me?

Would they tremble with fright?

Start in delight?

Or would they not care at all?

Would I matter

if they saw me?

I stare down and watch intently,

at a man who has just appeared.

He took a feather in his hand,

and looked up to the sky.

He whispered a word

and went on with his life.

I close my eyes

as I speak out loud:

"You've seen me, acknowledged me...

All that is true.


You are what I am not.

You are man, I am not.

A demon is what I am,

a soul still existing

that lingers to this land...

I am not human,

I am not man...

Unlike you,

I can never be

marvelous again."

I open my eyes,

looking up at the sky.

I wonder briefly...

Will I have a chance...

A chance to be human again?

Will I have a chance...

A chance to be marvelous again?
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