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Feel, Despite Everything

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We do too have hearts! A poem from Demyx.

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It's not fair...

Everyone goes around saying

We don't have hearts.

How do you know?

Oh, we do too have hearts!

We all do.

It's this incompleteness

That makes us feel...

Like we never did.

So, we can't have feelings?

That's stupid.

I get scared and lonely.

Always thinking

No one will understand.

That's real.

Just like me.

We're people too.

We're just incomplete people.

But isn't everyone like that?

With and without hearts,

Everyone feels a little lonely.

They don't always see

How they fit into

The bigger picture.

That's normal.

Why do we feel so weird?

We don't remember.

We don't know

What the picture was...

If it was completed...

Or why we were chosen

To complete it.

Nobodies aren't so different.

We have hearts too.

So what if we're not in a picture?

We know disappointment.

We feel desperation,

And everything everyone else feels.

Everyone is a nobody if you think about it.

No one remembers everything.

Didn't you have some days

Where you forgot things?

Didn't you have some days

When you felt like a nobody?
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