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Wish for me, My Friend

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But it's too late... Axel poem.

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Dislcaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts...



So you're back now, huh?




Should I be overwhelmed with joy?

Oh, I'm overwhelmed all right...

We both know I am.


why are you here?

After all this time,

coming back felt right?

What happened?

Precious Namine abandon you?

Your other half decide

he was better off without you?


Don't give me that look,

it doesn't work anymore.

You gave up...

on being my friend...

You just had to keep fighting me,

all until the end.

Why Roxas?


You threw...

You threw it away...

Something Nobodies can only dream about...


But you don't care do you?

You never cared...

You couldn't...

And you still can't.

I thought I liked you,

despite everything I did.

But now...

Why'd you...

Why'd you mess it all up?

Huh, Roxas?

You walked away,

drifted far, far away...

Ended up who knows where...

Don't you dare...

Don't you dare say you were hurt.

You walked away.

You decided to leave.

Hey traitor, for once,

let's make it about me.

Here's something new,

I fit in.

How so?

What's a Nobody Roxas?

Is it a person?

Or is it a thing?

A twisted little thing,

that does what it's supposed to do.

I finally fit in.

I'm just a thing like everyone else.


They all gave up on you.

The moment you were gone

the Organization couldn't care less

if they wanted to Roxas.

At some point... I understood that too.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to be angry.

That rage I should feel...

It's not there...

No matter how much I imagine it to be...

I finally understand now.

Nobodies can't hate.

Nobodies can't love.

Nobodies can't cry.

Nobodies can't regret.

Nobodies can't do anything.

Congratulations Roxas...

You made me realize.

Things shouldn't try having friends.

It isn't possible.

It isn't logical.

Things don't get what they want.

Nobodies don't get what they want.

Nobodies can't have friends, Roxas.

In a way, that's what you told me when you walked away...

Why do I want to be mad?

Why do I wish to be consumed with rage?

That's why you're here?

That's what this is all about...?


Here's your answer.

It's better to be angry,

instead of wishing for a friend...

A friend to save you

before you reach the end...
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