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I exist...don't I? A poem from Vivi.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy IX.


Am I dreaming?

Do you really see me?

Little ole me...

Little Vivi...

I breathe

I bleed

Yet why doesn't all

feel as it seems?

I don't understand

Who are they?

Are they like me?

They can't be...

They hurt others

They cause pain

They destroy,

not help or create.

I get so scared

If I'm ME...

Why would they confuse--

why is this so


I'm alive,

aren't I?

I exist,

don't I?

But sometimes I wonder.

How do you prove

that you exist?

Maybe we don't exist?

Maybe it's all a dream.

And I'll wake up.

I'll finally know.

If I can be seen

like anybody else.
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