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Stolen Kisses

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When Legato smiled it was an aberration to that natural order of things

Category: Trigun - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Legato, Wolfwood - Published: 2006-12-16 - Updated: 2006-12-16 - 518 words - Complete

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People smiled when they were happy, when they saw something they enjoyed. People were happy when they spent time with their friends, when they played with a puppy, when they handed a new kitten to their children...

When Legato smiled it was an aberration to that natural order of things. It was an expression with an expected amount of joy, but it implied slaughtered puppies and tortured kittens. It was tinged with the screaming of terrified children and the sobbing of innocent bystanders. Legato smiled with the pure bliss of a child pulling wings off a fly, but lacked the innocence of youth. He pulled the wings off the fly to see it wriggle, to see how long it would live...

And he was smiling, showing just a hint of teeth, as he looked at Wolfwood. Wolfwood knew he was being watched, but didn't realize the depth of Legato's interest until he was overcome with the uncontrollable urge to look up, to look at the man smiling ecstatically across the room.

"Crap! Get out of my head, you freak!" Wolfwood snarled as he unwillingly met Legato's gaze. The muscles in his neck bulged and strained as he tried to return his attention to the gun he had been cleaning.

"Come now. Name calling isn't necessary." Legato stood, that same gentle smile on his face, and started his way across the room.

What Wolfwood really wanted was to stand and put as much distance between himself and that bastard as possible. What he did was sit patiently, hands clenched, caught rather strongly in the grip of Legato's power and at the mercy of one of his incomprehensible moods. He wanted to be anywhere than where he was, alone in a small room with the most dangerous psychopath he had ever run across. Hell, even Knives made more sense than this bastard. Rational cruelty, organized maliciousness was far more tolerable than the almost serene, haphazard cruelty that was Legato.

And, oh God, the man was getting close. Too fucking close...with that deceptively pleasant smile...bending close in an obscene parody of a lover bending to...

Wolfwood's howl of outrage was muffled by the insistent press of Legato's lips; by the slide of Legato's tongue into his mouth. With clinical precision Legato traced along the inside of Wolfwood's mouth, making sure to invade and violate every inch of the sensitive flesh, before standing back, a sated look on his face. Wolfwood watched, disgusted, as Legato licked his lips once, daintily, before allowing his smile to fade back into a polite disinterest.

Wolfwood felt the instant Legato let go of his mind, and began to retch with an appalled fury. That bastard, that God forsaken fucker...

Legato settled back into his previously vacated chair, and watched Wolfwood finish gagging and stalk off, most likely to settle nerves and stomach with hard liquor. He felt no urge to follow, as he was, for the moment, rather content. He had answered a question for himself, and was pleased with the answer. Yes, stolen kisses were the sweetest.
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