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The Fuu Diaries

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Dear Diary-chan: I think the boys are getting bored...and you know what happens when they get bored...

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The Fuu Diaries

Dear Diary-chan:

It's been almost ten whole days without me being kidnapped, starting a gang war, getting picked up by a mysterious stranger, saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, falling down a hole, being sold into a brothel, developing an unsuitable crush, passing out on the table, attracting monsters, or accidentally wandering into the bath-house on Men-Only Day. I think the guys are starting to get bored.

And you know what happens when they get bored...

A couple of little insults followed by HOURS of pouting and growling. Mugen scratches himself in his rude places and Jin twiddles his beads. Twiddletwiddletwiddle. Then they both get out the swords and sharpen them, eyeing each other. Like I can't figure THAT one out. I swear it's a relief when the actual fighting starts.

Tonight it was the last piece of sushi, but honestly, Diary-chan, when they get like this, they'd fight over anything.

"Mine." (Twiddle.)

"Nuh-uh." (Scratch.)

"You just BREATHED on me."

"Yeah. And I kinda messed up your hair a little, too, Princess."


"You first."

Bang, thump, slash, and there goes the furniture again. It's getting expensive and they scare my squirrel. I had to eat the sushi myself. It had tobiko on it and was superyummy...

So, they chased each other around and then out of the room and I didn't see them again for hours, which was kind of a relief. I did my nails and looked at this cool book Jin has - I guess the boys in the pictures are SUPPOSED to be monks, but they weren't chanting sutras. The part where the bandits invaded the monastery was really, REALLY good.

Anyhoo, the guys slunk back in around dawn, all mussed up and smelling like each other. Jin had a hickey on his neck.

Honestly, it's kind of cute the way they can't keep their hands off each other, but how dumb do they think I AM? I swear, pretending to be this clueless is starting to get to me.

Kissuchus, Diary-chan...
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