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That night, he drew

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A lone man sat at his redwood desk in the center of a bleached white existence. Every last inch of the far-reaching expanse was glowering a blinding luminous light, so that the most that could be made out of the figure at the desk was his outline. In one hand he held a brush, and the other held his chin, his elbow placed casually onto the desk.

Humming softly to himself as he did so, the man's hand gently dipped the brush into a small bottle of ink. After having the tip of the brush swim around in the midnight black ink for a few seconds, he lifted it out, and positioned it over the scroll before him. A drop of ink fell from the brush's tip, making a tiny dot on the parchment.

Pulses of energy shook through the shining wasteland, a wind that had not existed a split second ago roaring to life. From the ethereal sky above came color, streaking down like watered down paint on a worldwide canvas. The deep night blues and purples of the heavens above trickled down in mass, evolving to dark emerald greens and aquamarine. The tops of trees formed as the colors continued to cascade down over the nothingness, a world forming around the man at the desk at the simple drop of a spot of ink.

He watched in awed silence as the beauty around him became fuller, more real. A grandiose castle was built before his very eyes, the dripping colors fading to white before reverting back to a variable rainbow of creation. The spires of the structure appeared to puncture the dark sky above, the glimmering stars seemed to move aside to provide the building the room it required. The entire East wing of the castle was formed after the style of the Roman coliseum, chiseled of pure marble, as the rest of the castle was.

The man slowly walked around the newly formed ground beneath his feet, admiring the attractive place he now found himself in. He looked to his left, finding darkly hued mountains which appeared to shimmer in the starlight. He looked to his right, finding several floating islands, water rushing over the sides and spilling down into a gargantuan lake, its crystalline waters clear enough that even at the deepest parts, the bottom was visible. Standing before the newly created castle for several minutes as he gawked at the world which surrounded him, the man eventually found the will to return to his desk, which was now sitting on top of a little grassy hill.

He eased himself into his chair, listening to the sound of the rushing water nearby as he exhaled deeply. Believing it was now ok to talk, he couldn't help but exclaim, "Ah, God, that kicked so much ass!"

He picked up the brush, ready to get things rolling. With expert precision, despite his shaking hand, he slid the brush across the parchment to form a perfect line, which would be the start of his first letter to his first attempt at creation. So far, things were looking good.
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