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Not the Canadian National Anthem

by lolaraincoat 1 review

To the tune of "o Tannenbaum"

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O Canada

The people here are not like us
they ride the subway and the bus
they're so polite it makes us shy
we'll grow accustomed by and by

O Canada, o Canada, o Canada, o Canada
We like it here, o Canada, o Canada, o Canada

We visit with the Quebecois
and tell them je ne comprends pas
we're sorry that we're being rude
they say, what is your problem dude?

O Canada ...

The dollar's weak, the beer is strong
but everybody gets along
and we don't mean to make a fuss:
the government takes care of us

o Canada ...

when winter comes we feel alone
Canadians are not at home
we wonder where the people are
we think they've gone to Florida

o Canada ...
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