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Morning Coffee

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There were a few things in life that made Edward Elric inordinately happy. His brother. Alchemy. Pulling Mustang off his high horse.

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There were a few things in life that made Edward Elric inordinately happy. His brother. Alchemy. Pulling Mustang off his high horse.

Most definitely pulling Mustang off of that damn high horse. Any feat was worth wiping that overbearing, over confidant, smug as hell, grin off of that face. Which is why he had his trump card, his one never-fail tactic for winning when it came to dealing with Mustang. It was his one glorious secret, a technique to be used sparingly lest it lose its impact...but damn was it worth the facial expression...and the after effects.

Which is how Ed found himself grinning at a half-awake Mustang early in the morning. Mustang pre-coffee was always an amusement. Mustang pre-coffee, shirtless, with a sultry sort of pout on his half awake face was bliss.

"The hell are you doing up so early?"

Ed leaned on the kitchen counter. "I made you some coffee."

Roy was caught in an awkward position. On one hand, he really wanted that cup of coffee Ed held so tantalizingly close...and yet a small corner of his mind was trying to remind him that this was Ed. Being nice. In the morning. He either wanted something or was about to do something that Mustang might not appreciate. In the end the slightly bitter, enticing smell of coffee and the wakefulness it promised won out. He reached forward, forced to lean as Ed pulled the coffee back just so, and then yelped in aggravated surprise.

Ed smirked in satisfaction, his day off to a magnificent start as he took a good long look at the dazed expression on a pleasantly stunned Roy's usually calm and controlled features.

It had truly been a blessed day when he had found out how sensitive Roy's ears were. Especially if he could be tricked close enough so that Ed could nip one quickly and watch Roy go from sensitive ticklish to something...quite different.

Roy snagged the coffee with a snarl and stalked to a chair, landing with a disgruntled thump. would settle him down...he took a look at the basking Ed, and had to return his attention to the swirling black in his mug almost immediately. The younger alchemist was shameless as a whore...lounging against the counter like that...

"Have a good day, Mustang." Ed all but purred, slinking out the door and leaving Roy to some rather frustrated thoughts. Damn he hated it when Ed teased...
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