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Love Like Winter [Remix]

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What happens when Gerard, Frank, and Mikey get bored at the same concert as AFI. [one shot]

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"Dude I'm SOOOO BORED!!!" complained Frank, while lying on the couch playing paddleball.

"Me too, you know it's crazy how bored you can get with Taking Back Sunday in the next room, Unwritten Law at the bar, and AFI on stage," said Mikey sitting on the table, coke in hand.

"Yeah, but I'm just glad we're done for the week I wanna go home, I miss mom." whined Gerard.

"Aww, am I not enough?" Frank said as he jumped on top of Gerard.

Almost immediatly, Gerard rolled off the couch, with Frank still hugging him with a big smile across his face. As they rolled across the floor Frank tried to kiss Gerard but of course was rejected and when Frank still couldn't take a hint Mikey (being the good brother that he is) started to kick Frank's sides.

"Mikey!" said a surprised Frank. "When did you start working out?" Then he jumped on Mikey, singing "Physical" with his legs wrapped around Mikey's waist.

What could Gerard do but laugh at his little brother's attempt at prying his best friend off his skinny body.

"Traitor!!!" screamed the littlest Way brother.

"It's okay Mikey if everyone knows about our love!! DON'T BE ASHAMED!!" Frank cried, trying to hold in his laughs. "Hit it Gerard!!"

So he ran to the small stereo in the corner of the room and played "Love Like Winter" by AFI, that's when Frank got his game face on and Gerard dimmed the lights.

Frank dropped Mikey and turned around so his back was facing them, lowered his head and began to sing, and when he got to the first "It's in the blood" Gerard started to back-up dance,but Frank said it was a one man deal so he walked away, pretending to cry.

Around the second chorus, Frank jumped on the couch and because he didn't know the words and thought Davey was saying "Is it a bird?", started flapping his arms. This made Gerard laugh histerically, and Mikey just stare with a wide grin spread across his face.

As Davey's voice began to fade away, Frank struck a back street boy pose, and everyone clapped, including the guys from AFI. Instead of being embarassed, Frank just hugged Davey and whispered in his ear "I can totally ditch these losers and join YOUR band." But this scared the singer and made him run away for some reason so Frank ran after him...and so did security.


"Tonight on COPS, when a guitarist serenades a singer things get out of hand."
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