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Two Sulking Slyths

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Hermione and the others aren't sure why, but the leadup to Christmas in Gryffindor Tower seems to be fraught with nothing but chaos, mistakes, and of course, Harry trying to be helpful.

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On the second day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me...

Two Sulking Slyths

"There is a palm tree in the middle of your Common Room," a voice stated calmly.

Hermione heard a sigh, and then Harry's voice. "I know that, Theodore."

"It has tinsel and baubles and a star and everything," another voice added with a slightly awed tone.

"Yes Blaise, I'm aware of that. It's a Christmas palm tree. Like a Christmas tree from Hawaii. With coconuts."

"I was just about to point those out," Theodore said faintly. "They're very...festive."

"They're painted red and green," Hermione said flatly, taking the final steps down into the Common Room. "Harry, why are there Slytherins in our Common Room?"

As if Hermione had summoned them with her question (and considering the question's contents, she may have done) the other eight Gryffindors descended the stairs from their dorms.

When the boys came into view, Blaise's eyes widened. "Good lord, Weasley, were you mauled by a Nundu?"

Ron twitched. "I may as well have been, Zabini."

"Oh please," Hermione scoffed. "Crookshanks is hardly a Nundu, Ronald, and he was terrified!"

"Still don't see why I had to be the one to get him down."

"Because we all ran away, and 'Mione deemed Harry incompetent," Ginny informed him. "If you had been sensible, you'd have run too."

"This is not the issue here!" Neville said tensely. "Harry, what are Zabini and Nott doing in our Common Room?"

Harry spared a glance at the two Slytherins before he shrugged. "Sulking."

"Hey!" Blaise yelped. "I am not sulking! I'm brooding! Theo's the only one who's sulking."

"My mistake," Harry corrected, tone slightly mocking. "Theodore is sulking in the Common Room. Blaise is merely brooding, apparently, but I think he's in denial about his fit of the sulks."

Seamus groaned and buried his head in his hands. When he spoke, it was muffled. "Harry, for the love of God, Merlin and Gilderoy Lockhart -" He paused for a moment to allow Harry, Dean and the Slytherins to gag. "Why are the Slytherins in our Common Room and not their's?"

"Oh!" Harry's eyes lit up in comprehension. "Draco wouldn't tell them what he bought them for Christmas, they kept bugging him, and then he kicked them out. So they were sulking when I went down to the Great Hall, and you all know that I can't resist pathetic creatures in need of a home -"

"Harry!" Theodore groaned. "We're not pathetic creatures."

"Sorry, my bad. Pathetic people in need of a home. So yeah, I figured they could crash in the Common Room. The couches are quite comfortable."

Colin let out a sound that was suspiciously close to an 'eep'. "I'd rather they didn't."

"Tell you what, Creevey," Theodore offered. "I promise we won't rape you in your sleep."

"Oh wow, that makes me feel loads better," Colin told him, rolling his eyes.

Harry stared at Colin. "Hey, Colin can do sarcasm!" He wiped away a fake tear. "I'm so proud."

Blaise was frowning. "So are we allowed to stay, Granger? Seeing as you're the mature one, after all."

Hermione sighed. "Oh, very well. But Harry, if your Slytherins cause trouble, I'm sending them home."


Theodore and Blaise exchanged a wary glance, wondering what the hell they were doing there.
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