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When Rumors abound....

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What happens to Roy and Riza's relationship when Roy is to be Married to another?

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I own nothing of Full Metal Alchemist, because if i did my friend would totally Worship the ground i walk on because, (((and i know this will spark controversy))) she is the purest, biggest, most obsessed Fan girl on the face of the planet.

The blonde sharpshooter gained her composer outside her superior's office. Her blue military jacket was around her waist and her black under tank top showed. Her hair that was usually in a strict bun had been left down for a few hours now. Her entire poise had relaxed; she hadn't hassled Havoc about chain smoking again or Fallman Fuerry and Breeda finding an excuse to get out of work. No she wanted their last memory of her to be different than the rest. She took one more sigh and entered the door, perhaps for the last time.

First Lt. Riza Hawkeye placed her paperwork on Brigadier General Roy Mustang's desk. The dark haired man behind it had hardly paid any attention to her today. She hoped he would regret that.

He picked it up and examined it.
"What the hell is this?" He asked looking up at her. He seemed taken by surprise at her laid back look. She never dressed this casual at work before.

"That is my letter of resignation, colonel," she called him affectionately by his old rank. The men in the office did it and she had acted like she always frowned on it, but here she was calling him 'colonel'. He noticed.


Riza looked to her feet. She hadn't wanted to tell him. That was why she had waited till the end of the two weeks notice that she had given the furor just before the elections.

"Your fiancée, Roy," she told him honestly. Silence followed her. Engulfing the pair. She had used his first name breaking uniform. If they broke uniform he was the one to do it and she was the one to set it right, "I wouldn't be able to stand hearing you say good-bye to her on the phone, or see her kiss you if she picked you up. I couldn't bear to see the connection between you two."

"Riza, I-" he was at a loss for words. She was leaving him.

"I'm only going to ask once," she spoke, softly interrupting, "is she the one you love? Is she the one your going to marry? Want to marry?"

Silence again.

"Yes Riza, she's the one," he knew those words cut her deeply. She shut her eyes and nodded. She wasn't going to force his hand.

"I've been and will be a lot of things Roy," she said sternly, "but I will not be your unmarried mistress more than I already have."

Neither moved. She wasn't leaving till he signed her papers, saying she was officially severed from any ties to the military, and him.

Slowly Roy scrawled his signature across the dotted line of the paper. Just as slowly he gave it back to his former first Lt. and lover.

"Thank you sir," that would be the last time she would utter those words to him. She gave him a final solute.

"Please Riza, spare me the theatrics. You're free from any protocol or anything else that the military can dig up," he told her, standing up and going over to her side of the desk.

As he approached her. She slapped him.

"I deserve that." He said.

"I've been waiting years to do that to you, Roy," She turned and walked away going for the door. But she stopped just sort of it, "And congratulations, on becoming Furor."

Roy looked at her with awe, "they're announcing it tomorrow-"

"They let me know. Today was my last day; you've achieved your dream. I always wanted to be the one to give you the news." She gave a small rare grin through her sorrow, "tell the boys that I said good-bye."

"Riza," Roy called after her, she turned back around. "Will we ever see you again?"

"It's not likely Roy," she told him honestly, "I have other responsibilities to tend to now."

"Thank you, for everything Hawkeye. I wish you well," he said as his final fare well.

"Same to you, Furor Mustang. Rule our military commendably," she told him.

She left his office, left the office she shared with Havoc, Breeda, Fallman and Fuerry, and as far as anyone in the military is concerned, she completely disappeared.

Rumors abounded as to where the sharp shooter had gone. Some say she retired to a small town in the south. Others say she killed herself and her subordinates made sure no such disgrace blemished her record. The most likely, but much less believed except for those who knew her closely, is that she is the well known 'hawks eye' that travels in a caravan. The Woman marksmen who will out shoot any man. A woman, who a few months after the Lt. retired according to the paper announcements that no one cares about, nearly died bring a dark haired, dark eyed child into the world.

But of course one should never believe rumors now should they?
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