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Sign it or not?

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After being left alone in that room with such a huge surprise, the guys have to decide if they are really going to sing this contract or not. Could Adam be really changed now?

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2006-12-19 - Updated: 2006-12-19 - 2149 words

Seeing the expression of panic on my face when I saw his son, Mr. Stevenson left us alone for a while to talk about that. I said talk? No, what we were doing was something far beyond that. I was saying no and giving them all of the reasons why and still, they wanted to convince me that there was no other way. I would call that something pretty close to a fight. I wouldn't change my mind about that and they wouldn't change theirs, so we would have no conclusion for a very long time.

"No way, guys and if you're really my friends, you'll understand me." I shouted "The guy already asked a whole bunch of his friends to hit and kill me. A few months after that, he threw a glass over my head and started running in my direction ready to kill me. And, the very last memory that I have about him is the moment that 3 guys took him to the madhouse after he promised to kill me. I remember that when he was leaving he said it wasn't over yet and that he wouldn't forget about me. He wants to kill me. Our manager wants to see me dead."
"Pierre, you're overreacting. Adam spent years of his life in a madhouse and they finally let him out. No one, especially a psychiatrist, would let a crazy and dangerous guy leave a madhouse." Affirmed Jeff "He's cured, Pierre."
"And his father wouldn't let him work here if he only thought he was still crazy. Do you think he wants to destroy his company's name?" asked Chuck in reply
"You don't understand. You guys just don't understand at all." I said getting in desperation "You don't know what it's like being hit by a whole crowd of guys, being strangled and then have a gun pointed to your stomach. I thought I was going to die. As a matter of fact, I almost did. Then, a few months after that, he looked at my face, screamed my name and said it wasn't over yet. He would not forget about me." I shouted pausing for a while and then getting back on talking again, trying to calm myself down "Guys...he didn't break his promise in the first time, why would he do it now?"
"Because the first time he attacked you was in the day after he promised to kill you. The second time he said that was two years ago." Stated Seb "You are the one who have to tell us, why would he still want to hurt you? Why would he be mad at you still today?"
" `It's not over yet, Pierre Bouvier! Someday I'll leave that place and I'll make you pay me for everything! I won't forget you!' this is the reason why I think he still wants to hurt me. Those were the same words he used 2 years ago. The same words that kept me awake for many nights after that. The same damn words that made me watch my every single step and that made me cross the street every time I saw an unknown group of guys." I shouted angrily "I was scared to death and I don't want to get back to that. I don't want to bring my worst fear back to my life, please, don't do that to me."
"You don't have to bring your worst fear back to your life. Why don't you try to start over again as friends?" asked David "Why don't you pretend that's the very first time in your life that you see him?"
"Did you miss the part that I said he promised to kill me?" I asked sarcastically
"Actually, he didn't exactly promised to kill you in the second time." Pointed Seb
"I'm sorry, but that's what I thought he meant when he started running in my direction and shouting out loud `You won't leave this place alive!' just a little bit after he threw a glass over my head"
"Wow! Have you tape-recorded everything that he said in that night?" asked Seb with a lot of sarcasm in his tone of voice
"I didn't have to. My mind tape-recorded all those things. I really wish I could erase all of these memories from my mind, but I can't. I can't erase that and the feeling of fear that they bring together with them. It's like I can't protect myself." I said honestly as an answer to that sarcasm
"Pierre, he never meant all those things." Said Chuck trying to call me down "He was in love with Jessica and he wanted her back. He was sure that someday she was going to be back with him. When you sang her that song, told her that you loved her and kissed her, he just freaked out." He said stopping for a bit "Pierre, you know pretty well how this feeling is like. You've already been in a situation pretty close to that when you dated Ashley. But what would you have said if Brendan had kissed her right in front of your eyes? I'm sure you would have said `I'll kill you' at least once, even thought I don't think you would actually do that."
"Chuck, there's a big, big difference between what I did and what Brendan did." I replied "Brendan not only kissed her but he also took Ashley to the bed with him and all that while she was still my girlfriend. This is called cheating. What I did was write a song to the girl I love and tell her about my feelings before kissing her. And it turns out that this girl wasn't dating anyone for nearly close 2 months. This is called ask someone to be your girlfriend. See the main difference?"
"It may works like this for you but it wasn't like that to Adam. He was madly in love with her. He used to see Jessica as his own propriety and, in his eyes, no one would ever take her away from him." Said David "But the thing is that he was crazy. He thought he was going to have her back and he saw all of his hopes falling over him in the moment you kissed her. That scene made him loose control about himself."
"So, I'm the bad guy here? It was all my entire fault? Is that what you think?" I asked getting really pissed off
"No, Pierre, this is NOT what we think." Shouted Jeff visibly as stressed out as I was "We just think you're overreacting a lot. But if you think that all of this stupid fear of yours is worth to quit it and to let go on Simple Plan, just say it now and we'll leave this place empty handed. But, as soon as we walk out of that door, Simple Plan will never have a chance like this again. Never. And you know how hard we all worked for that. After we leave here, never dare come around us and say `Hey, guys, I'm sorry. I never meant any of that.' `cause words will never be able to turn back time and fix up what you're about to do. If Simple Plan means anything to you, think carefully about what you'll do right now, okay?"
"I...I could never see that coming from you." I said amazed "So, you don't care at all about me and my own good, do you? You wouldn't care if the guy were about to get in this room and shot me if only I could keep singing, would you?"
"This is not what I'm saying, okay? We're talking about Simple Plan here and not Pierre Bouvier, the center of all the attentions." He shouted angrily "Just do whatever you want, Pierre. Just do never think that we'll leave here and things will be just like way back then."
"Jeff, I think you're overreacting a bit." Said David
"No, I'm not. There are some things that he desperately needs to hear. We're four against one, we should decide about that `cause we're in bigger number. Why is everything up to Pierre?"
"Everything is not up to Pierre. We just need to have common agreement among all of the members of the band before making such a big decision." Proceeded Seb
"You know what? I don't care. If you all agree with Pierre, let's just leave here, we've got nothing else to do in this place. Pierre won."
"Jeff, this is not..." started Chuck, but he was soon interrupted by...
"May I come in?" we heard Adam's voice saying from behind that door
"Decide about that too, Pierre." Said Jeff sarcastically
"Yeah, come in." I said ignoring that comment
"Hey, guys." He greeted us "Listen, Pierre, I know that all this arguing of yours is probably about me and I just wanted to say that I don't want you fighting with your friends because of me. I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."
"You're what?" I asked amazed
"I'm sorry, Pierre. I should never have done everything that I did to you. It may sounds like a lie to say it right now, but it isn't and I swear you that everything that I did to you is what I regret the most in my life. Still today, I thank God that you didn't die in that day. I would feel as guilty as I never felt like, I mean it. I've spent the past 2 years in the madhouse and I had a lot of time to think about all that while I was recovering and I just needed to see you again to say that I'm sorry." He said pausing to avoid letting down the tears we could see forming in the corner of his eyes "Guess everything that I felt about Jessica was not love, it was a feeling of possession, but, if you really love her, I don't care anymore if you want to be her boyfriend. I don't even know if you're still her boyfriend but, if you are, I swear I'll never try to get you two apart `cause I know she doesn't love me anymore and she deserves to have someone special in her life. After all, I have a girlfriend too. Her name is Amanda and if you want to, I can even call her right now or show you a picture of her. I really am in love with Amanda and I'm happy that Jessica is happy, just that. I'm back to a completely fine mental state and, if you doubt that, just phone my psychiatrist, my friends or just talk to my dad. I just need to work now and, if you think that I'm a terrible professional because I'm young, I can prove you that I concluded high school while I was in the madhouse and now I'm in the second month of college. Also, I've seen my dad running this company since I was a little kid and I guess that what I learned the most in my whole childhood was how to manage a band. Still, if any problem happens to Simple Plan and I don't feel able to solve that, I'll be the first one to tell my dad I can't do it and ask him to ask somebody else to take care of your band." He said pausing "Pierre, please, forgive me, everything that I said 2 years ago don't mean a thing to me anymore. I'm serious."
" that all truth?" I asked him "I mean, could you swear me that? Could you swear me that, while on tour, I can just rest my head in my pillow at night and just sleep without being afraid of waking up in hospital bed?"
"Yeah. I can swear you that. Actually, I'll go further than that. A beginner band doesn't need bodyguards `cause you're still not very known, but I'll hire the bodyguards and they will assure that nothing bad can happen to you or to any of your friends. Actually, you may choose yourselves the bodyguards. So, what do you say, Pierre? Can you forgive me and give me a chance of showing you that I changed?"
"Look, Adam, I just have to say that this whole thing caught me by surprise and I could never imagine that any of it would be happening today." I replied pausing "Still, I think I can forgive you and see what happens. But, if you give me any reasons to be scared again, I'll just quit the band any moment and go away. It will be terrible to you and your career."
"Okay, I understand that, Pierre and I promise you you'll be okay. I swear." He finished "Now, ready to sign the contract?"
"Guess now we are." Said David relieved
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