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No sleep tonight

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Slash can't sleep, Axl is keeping him awake.

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He pulled his quilt over his head, he wanted to shut out the snoring from his bedmate. It was the same thing every night, and Slash just couldn't sleep. He'd tried with earplugs, and music and all kinds of stuff, but nothing worked. Slash had never met anyone who snored as loudly as Axl. Sometimes he'd spent hours just listening to it, trying to see a pattern. And this night, it was different. Axl didn't sound as calm and peaceful as he used to. He mumbled, sometimes spoke, and he breathed much faster than he used to too. Slash thought about waking Axl, it didn't seem like he had the most wonderful dream, but he usually didn't like being woken up.
Suddenly, without any signs beforehand, Axl just fell of the bed and landed on the floor. Slash shoved his quilt away and crawled to Axl's side of the bed. When he looked down, he saw an extremely surprised, just awaken singer looking back at him.
"Eh, didn't sleep well did ya?"
Axl looked at him and sighed. "Well, that was a kinda stupid question". He crawled back up on his bed and grabbed his quilt. He hid under it and Slash knew he was trying to fool him that he was sleeping. The guitarist figured that if he didn't want to talk, there was no use to force him, so he gladly turned around to get some sleep himself.
He didn't sleep long before he woke up again, hearing something from his bedmate. First he thought it was just the snoring, but this certainly sounded different. He turned to look at Axl, and saw that he was shaking. He was still hiding, and Slash moved closer to gently pull his blanket down over his head. He stopped shaking, as though he thought that Slash would believe he really was asleep.
"What is it honey?" Slash ran his fingers through the singer's hair.
"Nothin'", Axl said but he wasn't as a good lier as he thought he was. His teary cheeks told more than thousands of words.
"Please tell me Axl, y'know I care 'bout ya."
Axl turned around and buried his head in Slash's warm embrace. "I had a bad dream, that's all".
"Yeah right, 'cause you always cry so easily.. C'm' on, just tell me".
Axl didn't answer, he just wanted to feel the closeness of his lover, wanted his whole body to know that the man next to him, would do enormous lots of stuff to keep it like this. Nothing could change what they had.
"Axl! Why can't ya just fuckin' tell me?"
"I already did, y'know. I was drivin' a stupid airplane, and then it suddenly just fuckin' crashed. It was scary. Now, just hold me, will ya."
Slash tightened his arms around Axl, who pressed his head against the guitarist's chest. He loved those moments, when nothing was needed from him, and he didn't need anything from Slash.
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