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Will she tell Jerad She like him or not?

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Well,the rest of the school day was. . .it's school what am I suppose to say.I went to Mrs.Scott's class after school only to be told I had to write a ten page essay on How Lying affected History and How it also affect the present.I got to SIDNEI'S bummed about my extra essay for history.Walked into SIDNEI's and went behind the counter to put my things away and put my apon on.My boss Murray was at the front taking orders.Murray was short with salt and pepper hair.Murray was the nicest and oldest person I know.He completed the order and turned to me as I was coming out the back.

"hey kiddo your late.what happen?"Murray said cleaning the counter.

"i got in trouble and needed to stay after to recieve my punishment" I said putting my hair up.

Murray grinned and headed to the back to let me take over.I was suppose to work til about 6:30,but by 5:45 the shop got slow.So in between customers I was writing my essay.My phones vibrated so I assumed it was Camren.I read my text from (646) 293-8080:

it really wasn't that hrd 2 get ur #!

Huh?! was all i was thinking as I read the text again.the door swung open so I put my phone away and my homework to serve the customer.

"I'll be with you in a moment" I said

" you seem to keep blowing me off a lot.First in history and now.i don't think you like me that much" said the stranger from the street.I looked up and realized it was JERAD standing there with a big smirk on his face.I couldn't help but grin looking at his movie star smile.

"so i guess you did found my number.I wonder from who" I said leaning on the counter with my elbow.

"I'll never tell.I got connects.People owe me so I had to collect" Jerad said leaning in to whisper.

" oh really!So hopefully your my last customer.So what can I get you?" I said ttrying to keep cool and not do or say any thing stupid.

"how about the Revolutionary War" Jerad said

"huh?" I said is it me or were we talking about coffee.

"I'm talking about our history project.We could do it together so everyone has a job.If thats cool with you?" Jerad said shifting his weight between his feet.

"Looks like you've got everything planed.So I'll follow -" then I was cut off by Murray coming from the back.

"hey kiddo you can go early I'll close up tonite.Go have fun with your. . . .FRIEND" Murray said giving Jerad a suspension look then returning to the back.I turned to Jerad who was looking at me.

"oh stop looking at me its werid and creepy" I said taking my apon off.

"so when can we start doing our project?How about tomorrow after school" Jerad said.

"yeah I'm off of work so I. . . . Oh crap no I gotta go to this concert at the METRO tomorrow nite" I said disappointed.I got my stuff from from behind the counter.We started walking to the door and stopped.

"ok what about wednesday?" I said

"I gotta go to this bussiness meeting dinner with my parents" Jerad said

"how thursday?"

"Soccer Pratice"


"pratice and a game"

"I got it!We could do our own research and then we come together when we're not busy" I said smiling at my brillent plan.Jerad nodded in agreement.When we got outside I saw Pete my family's driver.Then I look at the car parked in front.The car was a 2007 Mustang.I guessed it was Jerad's.

"I guess we got our rides.I'll see ya" I said walking to the 2007 Phantom.Jerad then started walking to his car and got in.I did the same.I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.May be dream about Jerad!
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