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The Wedding Night

by emeraldstoker82

At long last, it is Victor and Victoria's wedding night. Victoria lets her guard, hair and mother down!

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The Wedding Night
Victoria sighed with relief and locked her bedroom door. It had seemed that dreary yet ever-tense wedding reception would never end. The happiness she felt at being alone with her new husband reached the hights of impropriety only matched in intensity by her former dread at the thought of bedding the foul Lord Barkis
Victor sat down on Victoria's bed feeling his heart jump as he heard the key turn in the lock. It jumped again as she sat down next to him on the bed and laid her hand lightly on his thigh.
He gulped and said in a nervous, joky manner. "Perhaps I should have married Emily after all."
"Why do you say that?" Victoria smiled kindly at him. She understood his aphrehension as she had overheard his father William Van Dort giving Victor "the talk" about his husbandly duties at the wedding reception. Victoria had recieved a "talk" of her own from the loving and frank Hildegard and so was not shocked about what was said. She had heard most of it before.
"I don't know that I'm going to be any good at this."
"Give yourself a chance." Victoria's other hand took his and guided it around her right breast. He felt a low moan forming in the back of his throat as he squeezed and stroked it. Even through clothing it felt so good to touch.
Victoria smiled and scooted closer to encourage him. Victor's delicate and skilled fingers against her breast filled her with a warm, sensual glow and confirmed her desire for more from him.
Victor leaned towards Victoria and kissed her. The softness of her lips was reasuringly fresh in his memories from the wedding.
Victoria gasped in surprised pleasure as Victor's tongue entered her mouth, tentatively at first but then with growing fevour as their kisses grew in passion.
Something else grew as well. Suddenly Victor's elegant pin stripe trousers became unbearably tight. His free hand wandered up to Victoria's head and removed the pins holding her hair in its customary bun. He succeeded and Victoria shook her head as waves of her rich chestnut hair tumbled over her shoulders and past her waist. Victor wished she could wear it that way more often. Victoria's face was sweet enough to pull off the bun without looking severe but with her hair down she became almost too lovely to look at. He ran his hand through the tresses and sighing laid his head on her shoulder.
Victoria curled her arms around him, happy he had taken charge of even something so simple as taking down her hair. It was one of two signs that he was becoming a bit more sure of himself. "Feeling more confident now, are we?"
"Yes.How did you know?"
"It's sort of...obvious."
Victoria got up from the bed and walked to her dressing table and began unbuttoning the many intricate fastenings down the jacket of her dress. She finally slipped it off . Quickly her outer and hoop skirt followed and lay beside the jacket on the floor. She saw Victor's blushing face staring back at her in the mirror and giggled rather enjoying the effect she had on him.
Victor's usually alabaster face had indeed turned a rather bright scarlet at the sight of Victoria in her undergarments as they revealed her milky skin, the soft plump swell of her shoulders (and bosom which he could see thanks to the mirror) once they were out of the confines of her tight dress, to say nothing of the outline of her round buttocks, curvy thighs and supple calves standing out under her filmy petticoat.
"Victor," She called sweetly over her shoulder. "Would you please unlace me?"
He eagerly jumped up from the bed and joined Victoria at the mirror where his nimble fingers began work immediately. Victoria drew her hair over her shoulders so Victor could see what he was doing. He paused to kiss the delicate, rosy skin at the nape of her neck before continuing to help her undress. A shiver ran down Victoria's spine as he did so.
It was not long before Victoria's corset lay at her feet and her large, round yet slightly pendulous breasts lay exposed, reflected in the mirror. Victor reached round from where he stood behind her and took one in each hand, squeezing and massaging them, feeling their change in texture as they responded to him.
Victoria closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure slipping out of her petticoat and softly sliding her posterior against Victor's swollen trouser front. One of his hands fell from her breast and traveled down to between her legs. He slipped a finger into her warm, wet opening and rubbed around a minute.
Victoria gasped as the most decadent and wicked feeling possessed her. "I think you've found...something very worthwhile, Victor darling."
Victor was becoming nearly too aroused to keep his feet anymore. Touching Victoria like this and then getting to watch her reactions and naked body in the mirror was overwhelming.
Victoria sensed his mounting urgency and rather eager to let things progress herself, turned in his arms, draping hers around his neck. "I'm getting the distinct...impression," she purred, "that something wants to come out and play hide and seek."
"You are certainly not mistaken. But do you have to...undress me entirely?" Victor had always felt very self-conscious about his extremely slender frame.
"It's only fair. You undressed me entirely."
"Yes but you're beautiful like this and I'm..."
"Exquisite." Victoria finished the sentence and the buttons on his shirt. She discarded it and kissed along his bare torso, her lips burning into the pale, ivory skin.
"You really think so,don't you?" Victor said bemused.
Victoria only smiled, unhooked his fly buttons and pushed his trousers and underwear down. He kicked them aside and moaned in relief as his fully erect, throbbing phallus was finally removed from its restraints. He looked down at it and couldn't help smiling. Long, thick, rather dusky in colour and fairly popping with prominent veins, it seemed out of place among the rest of his white, delicate parts. It almost seemed to him that God had in a moment of extreme benevolence or forgetfulness given him the wrong one. Still this was not the sort of mistake one complains about.
Victoria gave this new object a curious stare. Hildegard's talk had not entirely prepared her for how this thing would look in actuality or that the very sight of it would arouse her further. A myriad of highly improper things to do with it ran through Victoria's head but she contented herself with running a curious hand down its length.
Victor moaned again and seemed to shiver as Victoria did this and kissed him once more. She carefully grabbed it around the base and used it to playfully lead Victor back to the bed.
Upon reaching it she gave Victor a a gentle push onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Pastor Glaswells would have disaproved of the choice of position but Victoria didn't care. She kissed him deeply and guided him inside her. Victor gasped and let out a shaky breath as he reveled in how, warm, wet and tight she felt around him.
Victoria's body tensed in sudden pain and she let out a brief sharp cry and sucked in her breath to stiffle another one.
"I'm... I'm alright, Victor. Hildegard said this would pass."
Victor swallowed hard. He'd heard that the wedding night was more of an ordeal than a pleasure for new wives. It had not seemed that way up to now but if this was going to hurt Victoria he wasn't sure he could go through with it. "Are you sure? We can stop."
"I'm sure." She gingerly and slowly lowered herself further down allowing more of Victor's length inside her. Victor stifled a moan. Expressing his own intense pleasure too freely in the face of his wife's pain seemed utterly heartless.
"I'm fine now... " Victoria giggled. "A bit better than fine actually." Once the pain ebbed away, Victoria adored the feeling of Victor's hard manhood inside her. She brought her hips up and down making him move within her and moaned as he brushed up against that delightfully sensitive area between her thighs.
Victoria's flowing hair tickled along Victor's sides and her breasts swayed like bells right over his face. He began to lick their nipples as they passed over his mouth. Victoria gave squeals of joy whenever he did so. His hands stroked over her back, traveling down her thighs, tickling across her buttocks. Her warm, full flesh quivered under his touch.
Victor was suddenly filled with a peculiar bold feeling, "Victoria...."
"Yes, Victor?" She panted in response.
"How about letting me lead now?"
Victoria grinned in agreement so pleased that he now wished to. Victor drew himself out of her and she rolled over onto her back. Victor looked at her in delight. It wasn't just her face anymore but her whole body was flushed in her aroused state. Outside the strict lacing of her wardrobe, Victoria seemed all soft curves, nothing harsh or angular about her. His hands traced the outline of her body and he thought of something some of the more adventurous boys at his old school used to talk about doing with local village girls. He wondered if Victoria might like it. He lowered himself down till his face was level with her opening and slowly ran his tongue along it tasting her wine.(That is what the boys at school had called it and it seemed a fitting term.)
Victoria cried out in exquisite happiness at the sensation of Victor's tongue carressing her womanhood. He began varrying the speed and depth of his carresses from deep and intense to maddeningly shallow and quick.
After a bit, he stopped and kissed his way up Victoria's torso, breasts and neck until he'd come up level with her face. Her expression was one of wide-eyed amazement and her cheeks had gone from being like roses to live glowing coals.
"Victor Van Dort," she breathed, "Wherever did you learn to do that?"
"School." He said shortly easing himself to her opening once more.
Moaning and laughing Victoria remarked, "No wonder my parents insisted on educating me at home!" She wrapped her legs around Victor who thrust himself inside her and continued to do so.
Victoria slid her hand down Victors back and onto his posterior which she grabbed and sqeezed hard driving him to penetrate her more deeply, more roughly. She groaned jagedly as the feeling of a release came upon her
Victor trembled all over with a sort of insane heat that filled every inch of him. It built up to an unbearable point then with a rush exploded out of him. The explosion gave the most indescribably intense feeling of pleasure enhanced by the way Victoria heaved under him and let out a sharp almost animal like cry. He felt a similar noise burst from him before the wonderful feeling passed and he collapsed into Victoria's arms.

"So, Victor,"Victoria asked after a few moments of quiet cuddling.
"What shall it be? Life with me or death with Emily?"
"Well Victoria as insane as it sounds..."
"I with you."
"You horrid tease!"Victoria cried in mock anger as she swatted him playfully with a pillow before settling back against his shoulder. "Goodnight Victor darling."
Victor smiled and closed his eyes. "Goodnight dearest Victoria."
"Anyway I already knew what you were going to choose." Victoria remarked casually.
"Oh and how is that my sweet clairvoyant?"
"Easy. At not one point in our revels together did you slip and call me Emily."
Victor smiled and then fell asleep almost immediately. Victoria lay awake stroking his hair for a few minutes before drifting off herself.
The End
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