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White Noise

by Karre 2 reviews

Kazuki babies Juubei. Juubei doesn't like it. Really.

Category: Get Backers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Jubei, Kazuki - Warnings: [!!] [X] - Published: 2006-12-19 - Updated: 2006-12-20 - 639 words - Complete

Title: White Noise
Author: Karre
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yaoi, Really Glossed Over Sex, My First Time Writing These Characters
Constructive Criticism? Let 'er rip. I have a sense of humor; I can take it.
Summary: Kazuki babies Juubei. Juubei doesn't like it. Really.

Kazuki is forever making noise. Juubei alternately finds this incredibly thoughtful and unbelievably annoying. Before Kazuki left the Infinity Fortress, before Juubei let Kazuki out of his sight, he always took his bells off to sleep. He would leave them off entirely- but never out of reach- if he elected not to leave the small, secured area they called home. Kazuki could sit for hours in unmoving silence and would creep about on cat paws to pop up unexpectedly behind Toshiki, and one time, Sakura.
Juubei smiles at the memory. Sakura would not talk to Kazuki for days after that.
Now, Kazuki only removes his weapons to bathe, and Juubei is certain that it is not some newfound paranoia. He jingles merrily about their shared space, and with Juubei's improved hearing and a favorable cross breeze, he can track Kazuki's movements two floors above to within a foot. Kazuki chuckles softly-Kazuki never used to make any sound when he laughed- and says they need to go out more to show off Juubei's new party trick.
Kazuki still sits in one place for hours, but now he has constant accompaniment. The bells chime faintly whenever he shifts his head. He huffs out a sigh as he settles himself more comfortably. And softly taps out a rhythm with his fingertips. Makes that soft, wet, slick sound that Juubei can only imagine means he's licking his lips.
Juubei finds this all patently ridiculous. Kazuki simply doesn't fidget. And Juubei knows this for a fact. He remembers watching Kazuki's mother sharply rap the boy on whatever body part was most convenient whenever he so much as looked like he was about to move. Juubei learned not to fidget out of fear of Kazuki's mother, and she never came anywhere near him.
And Juubei would not say that Kazuki stomps about, but recently boards creak and moan beneath his feet. It's definitely no sort of deafening noise but each footfall is a distinct cacophony of low groaning wood and the strange sticky sound of bare feet on polished floors. Kazuki won't be sneaking up on anyone if he carries on like that. Juubei has to bow his head to hide his exasperation. He knows Kazuki can't be that out of practice.
When they're alone in Kazuki's bedroom, the bells-of course- are still tangled in Kazuki's tresses. But all the other little noises that Kazuki makes stop. Juubei has to reach up to Kazuki's face and trace the tension etched there to know how his touch affects Kazuki. Kazuki only tightens and loosens his grip on Juubei's shoulders and thighs as they stretch and shift and slide together. The frantically flexing abdominals under Juubei's hands while he explores the familiar flesh ground him in Kazuki's body even as his own feels as if it's about to fly apart. Kazuki makes no sighs, no gasps, no moans, no pleas for more, no whispered affirmations. Kazuki only presses his mouth tighter against Juubei's neck and trembles.
He makes no noise at all, but he doesn't have to. Because right now Juubei knows exactly where Kazuki is.
Afterward, Kazuki still doesn't make much noise, but that's mostly because he is drowsing. Eventually, though, Kazuki rouses, and jingles out of bed. Then creaks his way across the floor, all the way to the kitchen (because he's always hungry afterward.) There, he starts rattling pots and pans-literally-and Juubei snorts in fond disgust. He doesn't even have to try to hear Kazuki; he cooks so loudly. He'd tell Kazuki to stop it if he wasn't so comfortably sleepy.
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