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Brendon realizes that his actions have consequences

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Brent opened the door and was surprised when Lexi's fist collided with his nose, not once, but twice. He stumbled backwards and Lexi pushed him into the wall.

"What the hell is your problem?" She yelled angrily. "For once in my life, I was completely happy and you had to go and fuck everything up! Why did you do this?" She screamed, letting the tears that she has been so desperately trying to hold back spill down her cheeks.

"Lexi, I did it because I love you and you can do better than those ass holes." Brent said, reaching out to touch her face. She turned away from him harshly. "I didn't want to hurt you..." Lexi laughed.

"Well guess what, you did Brent! I fucking hate you and I NEVER want to see or talk to you again! You totally fucked everything up and I hope you're happy!" She yelled again. She turned and left, slamming the door forcefully on her way out. She climbed into her car and sat in the driveway and sobbed uncontrollably. It always seemed that just when things were going good for her, the rug was always pulled out from underneath her feet, causing her to fall flat on her ass each and every time. She managed to pull herself together long enough to make her way to the hotel. Once she had checked into her room, Lexi collapsed on the very uncomfortable bed and let herself cry again. Lexi cried until she couldn't possibly cry anymore. She grabbed her phone to see that she had 15 missed calls, five from Scott and the rest from Ryan. She slammed the phone down on the table and decided to get in the shower.


"Maybe I totally just over reacted..." Brendon whispered, holding his Sidekick in his hand. "I mean, it is just like Brent to pull something like this... I feel like such an ass. I need to find her." He said, standing up.

"You need to think about this rationally. God knows where she is now... she was pretty pissed when she left here. I just don't think that going off to play hero is a good idea right now. You both just need some space to cool down." Ryan said, resting his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Yeah, it was wrong of us to believe Brent's accusations, but you can't blame yourself. We were just doing what we thought was best for the band, which is the most important thing to all of us, right?"

"Right... but I just feel so bad. Have you seen her recent interviews and pictures? She's falling apart in front of our eyes. I just... I feel so responsible for this mess." Brendon said sadly. Ryan sighed. It was true; they had all noticed a dramatic change in Lexi's behavior. She had gained quite a reputation as a party girl who always seemed to get into some sort of trouble when she was out.

"Brendon, this is not your fault. If anything, it's Brent's fault. Yes, Lexi is screwing up a lot lately, but she needs to find her own way back. There's nothing we can do. We just need to stay focused on what is important to us and that is our band and our music." Ryan reasoned. "Speaking of which, we have rehearsal in an hour. We should get going." Brendon knew that his friend was right and followed him out to the van. At rehearsal, Brendon struggled to stay focused, which proved to be very difficult. No matter how hard he tried, Brendon could not get Lexi's face out of her mind. He knew that he needed to find her and apologize for the pain that he had undoubtedly caused her. He just hoped that it wasn't too late to save her.


"Lexi, can you just pull it together for this one interview?" Eric pleaded, sitting on Lexi's bed. He could smell the cheap booze on her breath. It had been a month since her falling out with the Panic boys, and needless to say, she was a complete mess. "Babe, just one more interview and then we have a week off. Come on, you need to get in the shower." Lexi groaned as she sat up.

"I'll meet you in the lobby in half an hour." She grumbled as she made her way to the bathroom. Eric sighed heavily as she slammed the door. He couldn't help but noticed that the sparkle in her eyes had suddenly disappeared. He hoped, for her sake, that their up coming break would be enough to bring her back. Half an hour later, as promised, Lexi met the band in the hotel's lobby. The reporter was already there, notebook in hand. Lexi took a quick sip of vodka, just enough to calm her nerves. She just prayed that this interview would be quick and as painless as possible. She feared that she was finally starting to crack under all the pressure she was feeling, on both a professional and personal level. She sighed heavily as the reporter started the interview.
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