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Random boredom

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well, its starts out one day, the bladebreakers where in a bored attitude...

Category: Beyblade - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Kai, Max, Ray, Tyson - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-12-20 - Updated: 2006-12-21 - 234 words - Complete

it was 4:00 am when...
Kai: ZzZzZzZz -ray comes bursting into his room-
Ray: wake up kai!!!!!
Kai: what??
kai normaly gets up at five, its a suprise thathe even said something!
Ray: we were just challenged by the BlitzKreig Boys again!! this time, they dont want just you, now they only want our bitbeasts!!
Kai: and??...?
Ray: ....
Kai: ooo ok, sorry, i wasnt paying attention...
kai fell back asleep after ray had left, that was, after ray hit him on the back of the head with an alarm clock. is when he fell back asleep, now he didnt have a care in the world, he just for some odd reason, wanted to be in his own bed, asleep, until he died, probably because he knew that if he didnt accept the challenge, he didnt have to worry.
Ray: hey tyson, max, go get your pets and have them jump on kai..
Tyson: yay!! -goes to get his pet pig-
Max: yipee! -goes to get his rabbit-
once they got to their rooms, they got their animals and went into kais room, kai was still asleep and so tyson put his bloated pig onto kais head, max put his bunny down by kais ear.
Max: ~bite~
Tyson: what you whisper??
Max: nothin!!
Tyson: k piggie start to jump!!!
k my hand is getting tired, so im gonna have to go onto a
to be continued
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