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Secret Santa

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Secret Santa with the Turks. Complete random drabble for Christmas. Done whilst sat at my desk at work... Hope you enjoy

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"Yo this is LAME!" Reno moaned again as he sat in the office with the closest of his friends and Turks. "I bet Could and his gang put you up to this shit."

"Oh give over Reno." Elena said poking him in the ribs and passing the bucket over. "Pick a name then."

"I think it could be interesting?" Tseng said and settled on the chair at his desk. "Did Rufus agree too?"

"He sure did." She laughed and Rude just rolled his eyes. Reno had begrudged having to buy anyone anything but this one had put his nose right out of joint.

This was the Turks at Christmas. Elena had heard of the Secret Santa and that was it! She had explained the rules carefully. Each of them took a name from a hat and brought a present with a budget and then they each put it under the tree (terribly decorated by Tseng) with a printed label so no-one knew who brought it. They each thanked everyone and no one had to worry about buying for all of them.

And so the results were in once Reno finally managed to pull the remaining ticket out. Of course he HAD to moan about the fact he chose last as well but if he had turned in on time it wouldn't have been an issue. Elena for Tseng: Tseng for Rude: Rude for Rufus: Rufus for Reno: Reno for Elena. Tseng moved them out of the office leaving Rufus to smile and head off at the end after depositing the days orders on his commanders' desk. He was already concerned for the health of any one at the receiving end of Reno's idea...

Later that day

"You actually have to do this on your own." Rude pointed out as they stood at Walmarket. "It's hardly secret if you go in with someone else. And can you please not buy a dirty mag or something blatant?"

"Me?" The redhead laughed and wandered in to the large department store leaving Rude with a concerned look on his face.

Christmas Eve

You never get time off for good behaviour as a Turk nor did it come for Christmas but they made the most of it. None of them had families to go home too. That was the way of the world. They sat in the Presidents office with him to share a drink and watch the snow falling over Midgar. It was time for Secret Santa. It was time to see just how they had spent their budgets.

Rufus handed the presents out and decided they should do it one at a time. They voted for Tseng to open his first and Tseng looked nervous at the little box. Elena had been hard pressed to get something that wasn't personally screaming I love you.

"What ya got man?" Reno smiled at him and Tseng opened the package. A nice new pen with his name had been brought.

"Thank you." He smiled and closed the box putting it on the Presidents table. "I think that you should let Rude open his." He said knowing he had brought it.

"More shades?" Rufus asked which elicited a laugh from everyone.

Rude opened the box. Nope not shades. There was a whiskey glass and a CD of Jazz and Blues. Rude smiled faintly which everyone took to be that he was more than impressed. It was going too well which meant so far it had been carefully planned and thought out. It just didn't fit with the usual organisation of sociable tasks!

"Rufus." Rude offered up as the next one knowing that Reno hadn't picked him. Rufus opened the larger box and pulled out a new and very fine looking waistcoat along with a bottle of Midgar's finest champagne.

"I don't think this was in the budget." Rufus smiled and looked around. Everyone looked impressed and Rude kept silently pleased with himself. "Thank you all. I think Elena should be next. I think Reno should wait for us like he always makes other people."

"Yo I know, next year I'll sort it." The redhead laughed knowing full well it would NEVER happen. He looked at Elena and wondered what she would make of the situation.

She had a very large box and opened it. Inside there was another box but there was a card. She opened that and it was a booking for two for a restaurant and it was a Wutai special. The next box down had a bottle of wine and another box. There was inside a pretty set of underwear and someone had even got the right size. She didn't think a single one of them would know that. She kept quiet. The last box inside was very small and she opened it cautiously. Inside was a card that simply read 'for who you wanted your Santa to be, show them all your presents'. Elena smiled and settled down.

"Well that just leaves you Reno." She smiled and picked up the box. She wasn't sure who had got Reno's

"Yo dis is actually kinda fun." He said in the end. "I never got change to do this as a kid!" He opened the box and stared at the card. He picked it up and stormed out of the office without another word.

"What happened?" Rude looked up.

"Guess he was quite upset by the little joke. Don't worry I am sure he will be back." Rufus laughed. "I put in a card telling him that his present was not deducting his bonus for the time he's been late all year."

"Oh dear..." Rude went to stand up but Reno walked back in and looked at Rufus.

"Ain't you supposed to keep it secret who brought the present?"

"Yes." He nodded.

"Well I can guess who it is." He said folding his arms.

"Really?" Tseng looked at him. "Well you should thank them for it then. They cancelled the invoice for you."

"Huh?" Reno looked confused. "Okay I thought it was Rufus man."

"MM..." Tseng smiled and another box was brought out from behind the desk. "Well guess this one then." Reno looked totally confused and opened the box. Inside was a small Chocobo Teddy. It was one he'd had taken off him when he was brought in kicking and screaming to be assigned to the Turks. Tseng had managed to track it down at Rufus' request.

"Oh." Reno pulled the filthy teddy out. "My mam brought me that. Only thing she ever brought me. No beer? Well that rules Rude out." Reno giggled.

"Well that's cos the party has a free bar tonight." Rude pointed out.

"Oh damn it. I wanna know who..." He sighed. The others hid their smiles. Reno resolved to spend next year trying to find it out.


Author note: I don't own these guys, although I wish I owned Reno ;-) Anyway it's not supposed to be anything serious. I work for an electric power company and we did out secret santa today so that's why this got put up. Have fun!
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