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Last Stand

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Jason's army gives a final push to finish off the remaining demons of Europe, but animals are most dangerous when cornered. How high of a price is Jason willing to pay for victory?

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-Jason looked over the waiting battlefield; the demons had dug at a large mound that reminded Jason of an anthill. Jason's soldiers all eagerly awaited the order to attack. They all knew the plan; the army would attack at dawn to take full advantage of the light.

-Jason looked to his left where Sarah's unit stood ready. Then he looked to the right where Ross' men awaited the carnage. Jason's forces now numbered well over a thousand, and there were too many people for him to command on his own. He would be relying on them for this battle, but he trusted them both without question.

-He only wished that Jenkins was with him. The old man had not been seen for months, and everyone suspected that he had died and been eaten by the demon soldiers. Despite the fact that the recruited demons would not attack humans, they had been known to eat the dead. It was possible that Jenkins had simply died of a heart attack or some other age related problem and been devoured by a demon soldier that found him.

-Jason forced it out of his mind; there was nothing he could do about it now. Jason had to focus on the living, and they would be fighting for their lives in a few minutes. It was Jason's job to try and keep the casualties to a minimum, but looking up at the small mountain without knowing the true number of demons awaiting them, he wasn't even sure if he could win at all.

-The horizon behind Jason began to glow with all the radiant hues of dawn, and Jason nodded to Sarah and Ross. They both moved their troops into position, surrounding the mound from three sides with Jason's people with their backs to the rising sun. The first bright rays of light hit the giant black anthill, and the attack was on.

-Several dozen soldiers aimed their large rocket launchers and fired at the mound. The explosive rounds blasted the sides of the mound, tearing chunks out of its sides. Before the smoke had cleared, the soldiers fired a second volley with the same result. Chunks of smoldering black rubble rolled down the sides of the demon fortress, coming to a rest at the base.

-The human's were getting ready to fire a third barrage when thousands of demons erupted from the large mound. They seemed to come out of every little hole and crack in their stronghold. The hideous beasts ran screaming with rage down the sides of the mound like lava coming out of a volcano. They raced at the soldiers, claws ready and teeth bared.

-The soldiers raised their guns and opened fire. The bloodthirsty beasts cried out in pain as their bodies were blown apart and collapsed to the ground, only to be trampled over by their comrades. The soldiers stood their ground as the demons continued to advance at a frightening pace. No matter how many creatures the humans shot down, the demons just kept billowing out of their fortress.

-The soldiers' weapons fired without rest, but they might as well have been shooting at a wave of water. The creatures just kept coming, screaming and roaring, bleeding and dying. They threw themselves into the soldiers' bullets without regard for their lives. As the bodies continued to pile up, the surviving demons picked up and hurled their deceased comrades at the soldiers.

-The corpses slammed into groups of soldiers, disrupting the continuous rate of fire and giving the demons an opening to make it to the soldiers' front line. The beasts tore into anything human that they could get their claws into. They bit down into flesh and ripped off limbs. Even as the soldiers continued to fire point blank into the demons, the monsters still fought to their last breath.

-The soldiers continued to fight bravely, firing into the demons even as the beasts eviscerated them. They lacerated the monsters with their serrated bayonets, and some of the men even pulled the pins of the grenades on their chests as they fell, exploding several seconds later and sending demon parts flying into the air.

-Jason drew his sword and got ready to join the action as his men began to fall back to their secondary positions. The men continued firing as they pulled back to slow down their pursuers. The demons galloped on all fours after the retreating humans, pouncing on any soldiers that fell behind. They ripped the men apart and threw their entrails into the air with savage glee while they were still alive.

-When Jason's soldiers had sufficiently widened the perimeter around the demons, he gave the signal for them to turn and hold their ground again. The men fired into the large circular area of demons as the beasts continued to advance. The men were now too far away from the mound to attack it, but they didn't need to.

-Once the demons had been lured out into the open, Jason could land the decisive blow. He raised his hand up to the air and focused his mind. The demons didn't even seem to notice as the black clouds formed overhead. The monsters just continued to push towards the human soldiers. Even when the lightning bolts began to rain down from the sky, the demons still tried to sink their fangs into one last human.

-Dozens of electric spires danced around the battle field, instantly charring demons and throwing their remains into the air. Some of the creatures exploded from the rapid increase in temperature, while others simply melted into boiling puddles. The lightning bolts came down again and again, decimating the demons effortlessly.

-The soldiers finished off the remaining demons, and it looked like the battle was over. Jason lowered his hand, exhausted by the effort. He saw Sarah and Ross heading toward him, and he moved to meet them. He smiled with self satisfaction and waved to Sarah. Even from far away, he could see that she was covered in demon blood again. They had almost reached each other when the ground began to shake.

-Jason watched as the ground collapsed under Sarah's feet. The dirt just seemed to crumble underneath her, and she disappeared from his sight. Several more such holes appeared all around Jason. Dozens of his men were swallowed up by the earth. They fired wildly at the ground, trying to fight back against whatever unseen force was attacking them. The ground heaved under Jason, and he found himself falling into blackness.

-Jason stood up and was instantly attacked by several vicious demons. They were much larger than the beasts he had slaughtered above ground. Their glowing yellow eyes illuminated their hideous faces as they lunged for Jason, mouths open and fangs bared. Jason drew his sword and sliced the arm off of the nearest creature as it made a swipe at him. The severed limb fell into the light of the hole overhead, and Jason saw the massive razor claws that had been intended for him.

-The beast screamed in pain as luminescent blood gushed from the wound. The glowing green slime cast the cavern in an eerie glow and revealed the other creatures that intended to turn Jason into a meal. They all attacked him at once, and Jason was ready to meet them.

-Jason moved with blinding speed, cutting off limbs and decapitating the beasts as they moved in on him. Their bright blood painted the walls and their screams echoed through the subterranean tomb. Jason cut down the last of the beasts, and its blood showered him as it died.

-Jason looked down at his soiled armor and grunted angrily. He heard a noise and turned around, sword ready, but instead of a demon, he saw three of his own soldiers coming out from a tunnel. The men pointed their weapons at him only for a moment. When they realized it was their general, they lowered the guns and saluted him.

-"Report," Jason ordered.

-"Sir, we fought off the demons that attacked us when we fell in," one of the soldiers said, "but we lost seven men in the process. We came hear when we heard the battle. There seems to be an elaborate network of tunnels that we were not aware of."

-"Yeah," Jason said as he looked around the area and saw several adjoining tunnels, "seems to be."

-"Orders sir?"

-"We will sweep these tunnels, meet up with any other soldiers that are down here, and find Sarah." Jason answered. All three men readied their weapons, eager to follow Jason no matter where he led. Jason flicked the blood from his sword and chose a tunnel that looked like it led to the general direction where Sarah had fallen in. Jason had thought that the battle was over, but it was only just beginning.
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