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i've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear

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Everyone searches for penguin love. It looks like these two found it.

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Author's Note: Thanks go out to everyone who wished me fun at the concert. My friends and I made our way through the mosh pit to spots 10 feet away from the stage. Sweat, smoke, lost earrings, new bruises, jumping, singing and screaming. It was spectacular.

Candy canes and sacks of money go out to the following reviewers:

Honorable mentions go out to anyone who bothered to read up to this point. You have no idea what it means to me when the read count goes up.

Anyways, here is an early Christmas present from killxsmile. Without further ado here's the final chapter of Sophomore Slump...Or Comeback of the Damn Century.

{ i've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear

Peter's POV

"The record's good shit, man," Jay-Z said, giving me a half-hug. 5 years ago, If you told me that I'd be partying with famous music executives in L.A., I would have probably laughed and flipped you off. But there we were--Patrick, Joe, Christina, Andy, Emi and I--celebrating the release of Infinity On High. Finishing another album felt amazing. It felt even better celebrating with Emi by my side. She pulled me onto the dance floor just as Femme Fatality's "Scenester Trash Love Job" began pulsing through speakers. Life didn't get any better than this...yet I was a nervous wreck. I've gone over it in my head a billion times and thrown away a notebook full of scratched out words, but it never came out right. I just couldn't piece those four words together: Will you marr-

"Pete, you okay?" Emi asked. "You look a little stressed."
"Oh, it's nothing." Well, it's really everything, but I'm not going to let that on.
"Talk to me, Pete. You had that same look on your face when you thought you lost Ben at the mall," she said. I let out a small laugh. Emi always knew how to lighten a situation.
"I'll tell you later. Promise."

Emily's POV

I still can't believe that I'm here of all places. Pete and I have had our rough patches since the guys made it big--my finishing college while he was off recording, etc-- but I couldn't be happier for them. They were living out a dream that started out in Andy's basement and I had the privilege of tagging along. It was surreal watching Pete tear it up on stage, then falling asleep in his arms the same day.

As we danced to Kill Hannah's "Crazy Angel," I couldn't help but smile.

At around 3:00AM, my eyelids were getting heavy.
"Ready to go?" Pete asked, wrapping an arm around me.
"No, I'm okay," I said, trying to shake sleep from my voice.
"You're aware that I've known you since high school, right?" He smirked. The boy knew me too well.
"Okay I admit, I'm kinda tired. But this is your record release party. You can't leave early."
"True, but half the people already left. I think Patrick, Andy and Joe can handle it. Plus, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you go home alone?" he asked. I smiled. After all these years, he was still the sweet boy I first kissed on my porch.

We said our goodbyes and told Trick, Joe and Andy that we were going back to the house. All the way there, Pete was practically glowing.

"Did you come up with some new lyrics?" I asked.
"No, why do you ask?"
"It looks like a light bulb above your head just lit up. You have that cute 'woah-I-just-had-the-greatest-idea' look on your face." He laughed.
"I guess you could say that..."

Once we arrived home, I plopped onto the bed while Pete stood on the balcony. After a few minutes, I wondered what was holding his attention.

I got up and stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist.
"Like the view?" he asked. Stars and city lights illuminated the sky.
"It's beautiful." I kissed the back of his neck.
"Emi, thanks for being here."
"I know it's going to sound really corny, but there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be." He turned around and looked into my eyes.
"I mean, for everything. You've been with me since the band was practicing in Andy's basement...I still don't get how you settled for a guy like me, but I'm glad you did."
"Psh. I didn't settle for 'a guy like you.' I'm ecstatic that I'm standing here next to Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, the boy I fell for during sophomore year...You're my John Cusack, you know." He smiled and took my hands in his.

"Did you know that when a penguin finds its mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?" he asked, looking into my eyes.
" I didn't know that." He got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket.
"Emily Ikuhara, will you be my penguin?" I didn't need to think. In the back of my mind, I've knew that I'd spend forever and a day with him.
"Of course I will!"

He slipped the ring onto my finger, got up and spun me around.

"I love you, future wife."
"I love you too, future penguin." He laughed. I smiled. We kissed.

Patrick's POV

As we pulled into the driveway, I saw Pete and Emi on the balcony. By the way that he was on one knee, I was pretty sure that he proposed.
"Aww," Andy said, getting out of the car.
"Too cute," Christina said, leaning against Joe.
"It's about time," Joe commented.
"Pete finally grew some balls," I laughed.

We stood watching them from the driveway, scared that if we ruined the moment, Christina would castrate us. When they pulled away from each other, Pete finally noticed us.
"SHE SAID YES!" he yelled to us.
"I'M GETTING MARRIED!" Emi yelled, jumping onto Pete's back.

We laughed, then headed toward the house. I pulled out my cell and pressed 5 on my speed dial.
"Hey, Ben?"
"Yeah, it's me."
"What's up? You haven't called in a while...wait, did he-?"
"Yeah." I let out a chuckle. "It looks like your sister has a wedding to plan."

Hope you guys liked reading this fic as much as I loved writing it.

Happy Holidays, yo!
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