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Whisper To My Heart

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Christmas Day is over but there is one more gift

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It wasn't until after six that the only remaining visitors were Bob, Mikey, and Alicia. Bob and Kara were sitting on the sofa talking in hushed tones. Mikey and Alicia were in the kitchen with Donna sitting around the table talking. Monica had gone downstairs to check on Kelly but she was so involved with her iPod she hardly acknowledged her. Returning upstairs Kara called her mother over. She had an odd look on her face. Immediately Monica realized something was coming. "Mom I want you to see what Bob gave me for Christmas" Her voice was slightly shaky.
There on her finger was a beautiful small diamond ring. Monica glanced at it but said nothing. Bob spoke up quickly "It's a ring that hopes to be more someday. Maybe in a few years it will become a different kind of symbol" He looked at Monica nervously waiting for her reply.
Monica stood looking while memories flooded her mind. Kyle giving her a ring and promising to love her forever. She had been so young, he whole life ahead of her. Now her daughter had her whole life ahead of her. She shook her head as if to clear it. She knew it was time to stop thinking of her past and let Kara live her life. Her answer was so important to Kara and she prayed Kara would make the right choices. It seemed that everyone was waiting for her to speak. She could tell that Mikey, Alicia and Donna were listening from the kitchen. Gerard who was sitting across the room watched her closely. "I think that's a very nice thought," she told Bob. Looking at Kelly she added. "It's a beautiful ring"
Kara stood and hugged her mom. "Thanks mom. I was so worried you would be angry. Bob and I aren't going to rush into anything but I do want the world to know how I feel about him. Thanks for trusting us to make the right decisions"
Monica stood looking at them a moment then walked over to the loveseat where Gerard was sitting. He reached up and took her hand. He knew how emotional this was for her.
It had been a long day and Monica was growing very tired. She took a seat on the sofa by Gerard and laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head and she snuggled closer to him. If only she could stay like this forever she thought, just like this.
Her eyes opened and she realized she had fallen asleep. She sat up and Gerard smiled "I was wondering if I was going to have to carry you to bed."
She looked around the empty room "Where is everybody" How long was I asleep?"
Well Mikey, Alicia and Bob left about a half hour ago, mom and the girls just went to bed. I told them all to be quiet so they wouldn't wake you. I know this wasn't an easy day for you."
He was being so sweet it was making her crazy. "Damn it Gerard" she muttered.
"Would you stop being so nice?" she was getting more than annoyed.
It made it worse when he laughed, "Nope, you think I'm being nice but actually I'm just trying to make you realize what a great guy I am."
She shook her head "Do you think I don't know that? She stated to stand but he reached up and pulled her back to her original spot. "You can't go to bed yet. I have one more gift for you." She stated to protest but he hushed her. "Just wait a minute". He stood and left the room. He was only gone a few minutes.
When he returned he sat back down and handed her a piece of paper, "It's not that good. I've never really written anything like this before but well, it's from the heart."
Slowly she unfolded the paper. It was a song. At the top it was titled "Whisper To My Heart" As she read the lines her vision began to blur from tears. The words were so touching, so deep. It was simply beautiful. On this piece of paper he had poured out his heart.
He was watching her. She met his gaze "Thank you so much, it's beautiful." The tears were falling and she couldn't stop.
"Hey its not that bad is it?" he tried to make her smile "Like I said uh, love songs are kind of hard for me. But I wanted to try to put my feelings for you in a song. I've been working on it since the night of the charity Christmas party."
She held the paper in her hands and felt her heart breaking. He pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. "Monica, no matter what happens I mean these words. You have made me realize what was missing in my life for so long."
He simply held her tightly while she cried. The Christmas tree lights illuminated the room. The only sound was Monica softly crying. Then Gerard began in a sweet, low voice to sing the words of the song. He held her tightly and sang until she drifted off to sleep. When he heard her even breathing of sleep he added "Merry Christmas honey" and whispered. "I love you".

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