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Boy in the Fields

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Brennan and Booth are called out to Paradise, Pennsylvania to solve a murder in the Amish community. Will B&B flourish in the simple life? Who knows.

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Prologue- Body in the Field

She leaned against the examination table, sighing. They'd just finished another FBI case, and Booth had already called in with another. Her long auburn hair framed her face, and her icy blue eyes closed. Peace.

"Bones!" Booth called, as he walked into the Anthropology department of the Jeffersonian, snapping the anthropologist from her revere, "We've got another body... let's go for a ride."

Temperance shook her head slowly, following. Her head was still spinning after the last case: a serial killer who focused on teenagers. After kidnapping them, he tortured and murdered them.


The two sat alone in the FBI standard issue SUV on the way to the crime scene, which was in Paradise, Pennsylvania. An unidentified body in an Amish field had prompted the police to be called in, who in turn called the FBI, who brought Brennan in. Booth had the radio on the Christmas carols playing; otherwise there was silence for all of two hours.

He looked over to Brennan, shaking his head.

"Have you slept at all since the last case?" he asked, concerned.

"No..." She replied reluctantly, staring out the window at the DC winter, "And if I have, it's been catnaps on my couch."

"Better question." Booth then offered, "Have you left the Jeffersonian?"

"Nope." She responded, "There was no need to. I've been working on 'Limbo' as Zach insists on calling it."

"Bones, you should know better then to bury yourself in work." Booth reprimanded, "It's not good for your health."

"I know that." Brennan replied, "This is our cutoff."

"Right. I knew that." Booth replied with a 'charm smile' as he turned onto the dirt road.

"You realize that your 'charm smile' has no effect on me, correct?" was Bones' answer, as they pulled into a dirt driveway, no cars in sight.

"Let's go." Was all Booth said, as they got out of the car, heading towards the simple house that lay ahead. Brennan held his hand quite comfortably, as they'd been seeing each other (much to Angela's delight I must add) for about a month now.

A woman dressed in a simple dress with the traditional Amish bonnet, followed by two young girls in similar dress. She turned, seeing the two girls. "Gehen Sie Innere zurück" She murmured, and the girls turned tail, running back to their chores.

"I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth." Booth said as he flashed his badge, "And this is my partner, Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan."

"Come in, I assume you're here for the body. I'm Annie Yoder by the way. My husband, David, was the one who found it in our fields." She moved out of the way, admitting the two into her house. It was a simple affair, no electric lights in sight... no sign of electricity at all.

"Booth," Temperance murmured, "How am I going to work without electricity?"

"There's a generator at the temporary lab, don't worry." Booth replied, as they sat down.

"David will be back in a few hours... gehen Sie Ihr Daed." Annie said, turning and calling out the last part to her son, who grabbed his jacket and ran out of the house.



Gehen Sie Innere zurück- go back inside
gehen Sie Ihr Daed- go get your dad
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