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Hey I'm Home, So Don't Cry

by YourFallOutGirl 1 review

He wanted him to come home, now he's here. Billie Joe Armstrong/Pete Wentz

Category: Green Day - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-12-25 - Updated: 2006-12-26 - 269 words - Complete

I wait for the day you get home. I want to hear your voice ringing in my ear. It's not fair. Why did you have to leave me? Life hasn't been the same. I sit here on the couch holding a picture of us at the fair. Your big-toothed smile was on your face; your green eyes sparkling. I curse myself and tears rear their ugly heads again, trickling down my face and on to the picture frame. I hear footsteps coming in to the room and stopping when they hear me sob. I thought it was one of my band mates. "Hey you. Why are you crying?" My heart stops beating. Is it really you? I turn my head and see you by the door. I can't seem to breath. "Surprised?" you ask with your smile. "More than ever." I managed to whisper. You walked over to me and sat on the couch next to me. "Panda what's wrong?" That drove me off the deep end. I grabbed your waist and cried my heart out. Sobs shook my body and left me helpless. You held me, being more of a big brother then a boyfriend at this moment. " Hey. I'm home so Don't cry "W-why did you l-leave?" I asked. "Because I needed to take some time away from you and find my place in the world. But I realized that I could never live without you." I smiled slyly. "It took you half a year to figure that out?" We laughed and I kissed you. You stood up and took me by the hand to the bedroom.
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