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spin the bottle is for high schoolers

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a mikey way one shot. i noticed this sight is lacking mikey stories so if you could please request some to me

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This is my first my chem. Story so review please

Tonight was the typical night. Me and all my friends hanging out in Gerard's and Mikey's basement playing games we made up while slightly drunk. Tonight's game was a game that my friend Taylor made up.

Basically we had to give our selected male partner a hard on without touching them with our hands or taking any clothes off. Note I said our hands there were no other body parts mentioned.

Taylor was with Gerard, Kate was with frank, Rhi was with bob, Hailey was with ray, and so that left me and Mikey. No one was particularly bothered by their partner we were all great friends and though none of us were going out they all usually flirted with each other. Well except me and mikey. Me and him we best friends, that's it, we had known each other since high school and we are really close.

I admit I do have some feelings other than friendship towards mikey but not a lot. I would never want to ruin our friendship. EVER!!! But back to our game.

Ok so since we had been friends for so long, considering I was now 25, I decided to be a little daring. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact I was already a tad bit drunk.

While everyone was using tactics such as dirty words and kisses on the necks I went for a more head on approach literally. I'm not one to deal with losing and I want about to lose this, the game or the opportunity to be closer to mikey.

I decided to start with kisses. I kissed him right below his lower lip trailing down his jaw bone to his neck. I suck lightly as I made my way to his collar bone. I nibbled it a little causing mikey to shiver. I smirked to myself knowing I was getting somewhere. I kissed down his chest and stomach until I got right above his waistline I lingered there for a few seconds before moving to his inner thigh right by his already arousing member.

I knew I had this game in the bag. I moved my lips to directly on his parts which were now almost erect. Man I'm good I thought to myself as I blew out from the back of my throat my hot breath heating his member which became fully erect as he grunted.

I stood up to announce my victory when all the sudden Mikey's lips crashed into mine. I was surprised at first but not at all upset I quickly regained my composure as he pushed me back against the wall with a thump causing the others to look up in surprise.

He snuck is tongue into my mouth snaking it around he moved me sideways as his hand crept up my shirt leading us down the hallways to the bedrooms.

Someone finally got over the shock and started yelling at us "Mikey what the fuck are you doing get off Nikki right now are you drunk out of your mind I mean..."

Gerard was screaming at us but I waved a hand at him to tell him to shut up I would have said it aloud but my mouth was a bit preoccupied at the moment.

We made it to his bedroom and he closed the door and locked it without breaking the kiss. We quickly helped each other shed down to out underwear and fell back on the bed.

I guess mikey decided to tease me as much as I had him before because he trailed his fingers lightly up and down my parts with his fingers through my underwear. "Mikey..." I whined trying to get him to stop teasing me but he didn't listen and I got pissed so I reached between us and grabbed his shaft up the leg of his boxers. He let a loud moan and ripped my panties down.

Glad he was done teasing me I striped off his boxers as he kissed the sensitive skin below my ear. "I want you so bad" he whispered I could feel his breath tickling my neck giving me Goosebumps.

I lost control and bucked my hips up causing him to grunt and then lower himself into me. He started slowly but just having him in me was enough for me to go crazy. I dug my nails into his back as he thrust up and down. "Faster mikey, please" I moaned and he quickened his pace and buried his head in the crook of my neck. We were both so close that I was shaking. His pattern becoming slightly uneven as he trust in one more time sending both of us over the edge.

He collapsed on top of me breathing heavily and laid there for a few minutes before his breathing patterns became normal and he rolled off.

"I've always liked you more than a friend, nikki"

"Me too mikey but why have you never done anything until now"

"I was afraid you didn't feel the same way"

"Well I do"

And with that I snuggled into him and we fell asleep.

A/n: I was thinking of expanding on this story possibly making a prequel and then adding chapters to it but only if I get good reviews. I want you all to tell me exactly what you think if you hated it tell me think of it as you chance at guilt free bashing. But if you loved it I would like to hear that even more.

- Nikki (isuckatlifen)

p.s if you know of any other good mikey way storys please let me know they dont necisarily have to be quite as um "colorful"
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