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A Moment of Understanding

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As the title says, a moment of understanding.

Category: Dir en grey - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kyo - Published: 2006-12-26 - Updated: 2006-12-26 - 248 words - Complete

Another blow strikes my chest as the music around me is slowly dying away. Soon all that can be heard is the dull thud of the microphone striking my chest over and over.

I can hear the roar of the crowd. It's loud, it's defeaning, it's intoxicating. I want more of it.

Another blow strikes my chest, harder than before and the roaring seems to grow.

Sweat and blood is dripping from my bare chest and my head is lowered. I cannot see the crowd, but I can hear them... hear their suffering, their pain. How they're screaming their hearts out, crying out my name in desperation as if they're trying to reach me, grab onto me before I drown in my own misery.

It's insane. It's a fucking freakshow and I love every second of it.

The crowd goes silent as the intro to the next songs starts, but the moment was there. The moment when we were connected.

I poured my heart out, whored out my soul for them to see and they saw it all. Watching, sucking up the morbid beauty of it all with their big dark eyes, unable to look away from the freak on stage who's telling them dark secrets and horrible truths.

I could see the tears in their eyes as they finally seemed to understand. There are no happy endings.

It was a short moment, but it was of absolute understanding and it's those moments that I live for.

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