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Light and Sweet

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Pete comes to Ryan's house sad..... Ryan comforts him.

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Ryan was snug in his bed reading a book listening to Fall Out Boy. As Dance, Dance started ringing in his ears, the door slammed open making Ryan jump out of his skin in fear. Sobs filled the air making the room suddenly dark and gloomy. Ryan gathered his thoughts enough to figure out who barged into his room without knocking. "P-P-Pete?" It was, in fact, Pete and he was just sobbing and sobbing. "Yo." He muttered obviously depressed over something. "Dude what happened?" "Well," he choked on a sob. "Gabrielle got killed in a hit and run. I just got word from the hospital." Ryan's eyes widened. Gabrielle was Pete's girlfriend of three years and he loved her so much. She was one of Ryan's closest friends. Pete was even going to ask her to marry him. "Oh my God, Pete I'm soooo sorry." Pete pulled the ring out of his Clandestine hoodie pocket and sobbed more. Ryan slung his arm around the bassist's shoulder and let him and cry into his shoulder. "Hey it's ok." Ryan tried comforting him but to no avail. "My life is gone. She was my everything. Now it's gone." "No it's not Pete. You can bounce back from this. Now I know this is gonna sound corny coming from me but do you think moving on is what Gabs wants you to do?" Pete nodded and smiled slyly, wiping tears from his deep brown eyes. "It does sound corny coming from you Ryro." Ryan felt his heart swell. Did he, Pete Wentz, just call him Ryro?!?! Pete came a little closer to Ryan's face and whispered "And I'm sure Gabs wouldn't mind if I did this." He placed a soft kiss on Ryan's lips. It felt light and sweet like candy on a child's tongue. They pulled away much to Ryan's dismay. All was filled with an awkward silence. After an eternity Ryan asked, "Do you think Gabs would mind if we kissed again?" "No not at all." Their lips crashed onto one another's wanting each other in this time of mourning. When they pulled away Pete figured everything was going to be okay now that he had someone how cared. And Ryan- well Ryan was off the wall at the fact that he and the one person he found VERY attractive, kissed like that. Pete smiled and leaned into to whisper words from a song into his ear. "Singing out dances on the wall. Trying to forget everything that isn't you. I'm not going home alone cause I don't do so well on my own." As he whispered the words he pushed the ring into Ryan's hand. "I love you Ryro. Keep it for me will ya?" Ryan nodded. Pete got up, and pecked Ryan's lips one last time before heading to the door. "Thanks. Love you." He walked out; the door shut behind him. Ryan looked at the spot where Pete stood and sighed "Rest in peace Gabby." he murmured. "We'll all miss you"
The End

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