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Christmas Poem

by MarkPoa 2 reviews

A Christmas gift poem I wrote two years ago. A reflection on Christmas.

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Amidst the hustle and bustle,
The cacophony of sounds and tunes,
Of candies sold in brightly colored packs,
Of crowded malls and elbows rubbing,
Of festive lights, brightly shining,
Of gifts and thanks changing hands,
Of tired arms and feet aching,
Of the rush of joyful feeling,
Of many a moment to delight...

Let's take a moment to reflect...
A moment to pause and think back,
To the past year, of trials and joy.
Give thanks for the moments that made you smile:
For the festive celebrations amidst woes and toil,
For rewards worth the extra mile,
For the great food and greater company,
For simple things, such as a child's laughter...
And for friends, who will be true forever.

And finally...
Give thanks to God for His Son He gave,
A gift so great... that all may live.
And raise his name in praise and silent prayer
Emmanuel, the Christ Jesus, our Deliverer.

A year has passed, a new year dawns...
We may not know what the future brings
But in our hearts, I hope the words would sing:
"A blessed Christmas, one and all!
Peace, hope, and love... forever more."

--Mark Poa, December 22, 2004
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