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This is the sequel to Light And Sweet. Read it first. Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco have to go to Gabreille's funeral. Sad times.... and spirits? How will Pete cope?

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"Well, here we are." Jon's voice brought Ryan back down to earth. He thought it would never have come to this. Brendon looked at him. "Hey man, are you ok?" "Yeah Ry, you've been quiet for the whole ride." added Spencer. "What's up?" Ryan shook his head. "I just care for Pete because he lost someone near and dear to him. And I lost a dear friend." They all nodded understanding. They stepped out of the car wearing the traditional black clothing you usually wear at a funeral. As soon as Ryan got out of the car he felt someone practically bowl him over. It was Gabrielle's older brother Joe. He was crying. "Hey... Joe." "Oh hey Ryan. Sorry I ran into you there. I was actually going to say hi to Brendon." The guitarist walked sadly over to Brendon and started whimpering into his shoulder. Ryan, meanwhile, went into the funeral home and started looking for Pete. After a few minutes he found him talking to Patrick and Andy. "Hey Pete." Pete turned around and Ryan saw his eyes were red and bloodshot from crying. "Hey Ryro." "What's wrong babe?" "I just can't believe that I would ever have to come to one of these things. It seems so dark and gloomy." "No one wants to go through this Pete." Ryan admitted stroking Pete's cheek. "It's starting so we have to go." He waved to Andy and Patrick and took Pete by the hand into the church where Gabrielle's casket was kept. Everyone followed. A lot of Gabrielle's closest friends and family were there. The pastor came up to the podium and started to speak. "We are here today to mourn the loss of Gabrielle Trohman. Friend, sister, daughter." As the pastor continued, Ryan couldn't keep his tears in anymore. He cried to his hearts content letting harboring feelings go. He felt Pete cry into him also to his left and Spencer comfort him on his right but he was sure that the drummer was crying too. Every one member of the two bands were crying as they all lost a dear friend. As the pastor finished he let the congregation look at the dead body in the coffin and give her their condolences. As Pete looked in the coffin to see her he felt weak and tiered all of the sudden. She was there in the coffin looking so cold but so beautiful. She was in a lavender silk dress and laced ballerina slippers of the same color. The bangs of her chestnut brown covered her closed eyes. "Oh My God. She's really gone..." He kissed her forehead for the last time in this life and those were the words that kept playing in his mind until she was buried next to her father.

Pete went home and as soon as he closed the door he sobbed. He just couldn't take it anymore. He reached for the knife drawer and took out the biggest knife he could find. He wanted to be with her so much so that he would take his own life. Just then Ryan walked into the room and saw what Pete was going to do. "NO DON'T!!!" he screamed. "Pete." A soft voice stopped Pete from doing anything drastic. They looked over and Gabrielle and her father standing at the kitchen counter. "G-G-Gabrielle?" Ryan stuttered. She looked over at him and smiled "Hey there, Ryro." Ryan waved astonished. Pete couldn't speak. It was a spiritual convention as one would say. "Gabby, I thought-" "I was dead?" She interrupted him. "Yeah I'm dead. But before I left I just wanted to tell you that I'm in good hands right now. I'll miss you my Panda. But we will meet again. Not in this life, but we'll be together." She walked over to him and kissed him. He must admit It felt weird but nice to kiss a spirit. Her father smiled and said "Peter, make sure you tell Joseph and his mother that we miss and love them." Pete nodded. "Will do Mr. Trohman." "You're a good boy Peter." Gabrielle walked back to her father. They waved and in a blink of an eye they were gone. Pete turned to Ryan who was still astounded and speechless. "Well one thing's for sure." "What's that Panda?" Ryan asked as he slipped his arms around Pete's waist. "I'm sure everything's going to be ok. I love you Ryro." "I love you too Peteypanda." They kissed and went to sleep.

The End

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