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Painful Wishing (Completed)

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Harry wishes for the impossible. My first Harry/Sirius drabble.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Erotica - Characters: Harry, Sirius - Warnings: [!!!] [X] - Published: 2006-12-28 - Updated: 2006-12-28 - 158 words - Complete

Title: Painful Wishing

Author: Lady Remus

Pairings: Harry/Sirius

Length: 100 words

Summary: Harry wishes for the impossible.

Rating: R

Warnings: masturbation, character death

Disclaimer: The original characters come from the mind of J K Rowling. I don't own them and I'm certainly not making any profit from this.

Notes: My first drabble. That's about it.

Review: Yes please.

Harry did not have to look behind him to see the man in his bed, "You've come back to me."

Sirius smiled, "Yes, I've come back and I'll never leave you again. I promise."

Sirius kissed the back of Harry's neck, so soft and gentle that it aroused the boy's cock. Sirius grabbed and rubbed Harry's erection and as he continued to kiss Harry's neck. Harry leaned back into Sirius and they locked into a kiss. All too soon, Harry moaned in Sirius' mouth as he came on the bed.

Harry woke up and he cried.

For Sirius was dead.
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