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Frank is the youngest and smallest, therefor treated as the weakest

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"Guys! Guys! What the hell are you doing?" I whined as they tried to tie me up in the rug in the middle of the living room. "C'com guys! Why."
They just laughed at me. Humph. I always get picked on. Just because I'm younger, and shorter does NOT make me weaker. Even though it may be true. But still. That's not the point. Man, I hate it so time.
"Shut up Frank. You're only making it harder!" Gerard said.
Harder. HARDER. I was not making this harder. I don't even want to be here in the first place. I don't wanna make it harder.
"Get off me!" I yelled. But they still kept laughing.
"Frank, quit it" Mikey spoke through his fit of giggles.
"STOP LAUGHING AT ME" I said while having the rug i was wrapped in tied up with string. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"
Hmm, they are picking me up. Where are they going? I'm stuck in a fucking rug for Gods sake. This is not fair. But did they answer? No. They just kept on laughing. This rug is starting to really itch now.
"Guuuuuys," I whined. "The rug is really really icthy." I tried to put on my best sad face to make them feel bad
"Stop with the faces Frank. It's not gonna work." Bob laughed.
Damnit! They're too strong. Time for plan B. This'll get them. I started wriggling. HAHA caught them by supprise.
"AH SHIT!" Gerard screamed.
"Man, stop wriggling." Ray spoke.
"No can do guys. It's itchy, this is the only way I can scratch." I laughed at them trying to hold me up whilst my scratching frenzy carried on. They didn't hold out too long though. "AHH FUCK! MY ARSE!"
"Sorry Frankie. But you brought that on yourself." Mikey said, trying to hold back his laughs.
I gave them the evilest glare I could make, but I must say, though it hurt like a fucker, it is funny. Painful, but funny.
Great, I've been picked up again. Wait a second, why are we going out side?
"Guys! Why are we out her?" I asked once they got me out the front door and started walking down the porch.
"Haha, you'll see." They laughed. Not funny! Not funny at all.
Hmm, Gerard seems to be getting his keys out of his pocket? Are we going somewhere? Not like this I'm not. I tried to put up another fight, this time failing. They held me tighter.
"Err, guys. Can't breath." I tried to wave. But their grasp was so tight my arms were stuck down by my sides. Not cumfy I tell you.
"Sorry. But we're not doing anything about it."
Gerard opened the boot of his car. Why is he opening it? What is he doing? I started to panic. Causing me to sweat. I always sweat when I'm nervous.
The noticed my wet forhead and started laughing even more.
"Is ickle Frankie nervous?" Gerard cooed.
"No." I gulped. Then, they put me in the boot and closed it. "IT'S DARK" I screamed. I hate the dark. This can't be happening. I tried closing my eyes, but I could hear them laughing from out side. I tried to block it all out. Tried to get comfy. But I was scared shitless. Not sure what of. I just was. Y'know when you don't know what's happening? You kinda freak out a little?
Yeah? Well I freaked. A lot.
I screamed, and kicked. Trying to get out of the rug. Eventually the knot holding the rug together came loose.
I don't think the realised I was able to move now. Maybe they had gone back into the car and laugh at their 'accomplishment'. Pfft, they accomplished nothing.
I started to kick at the door of the car untill it finally opened.
For a small guy, I sure can kick.
I snuck round the back of the house, finding the hose against the wall. I grabbed the end and turned it on. You get where this is going?
HAHA, I'll get 'em.
I walked slowly into the house and found them all watching a movie, eating something.
"BOO" I yelled and oh my God did they scream. HAHA priceless. I turned the hose on and soacked them all.
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