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Frank story. Um...Let's see, you have marriage, decpetion, cheating, Iero...Yeah

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It's Offical
{Frank Iero}
[1: Hating is not a sin...not in my book at least]









The door slammed behind him. I looked away from the door to the window. What had I done? I didn't really hate him...I was just angry. So angry, and I didn't know why. He hadn't done anything...Anything that I could think of, at least.

It wasn't like he was a bad husband. He was actually a really good one. Maybe having him around everyday was finally breaking me. He'd be gone for months at a time then come back for a weekend...Maybe I had made a mistake by marrying him. I was warned but I wasn't going to listen. I was in love...I was young...Well, no...I wasn't young...Twenty five isn't young...I knew what I was doing after all; marrying a divorcee.

He'd come back. He'd have to. Gerard wouldn't let him stay there forever. He'd come back tomorrow and we'd make up. He couldn't have taken me seriously. He never has before, after all. When ever he'd come over we'd have the same fight. I don't even remember why...

The door cracked open, two hours after our pointless fight. I shot up and left our room into the living room. Only to find Mikey sitting down on the couch. I walked over and kicked his shoe. "You're supposed to be Frank."

"I know..." He drug me down and put his arms around me. "Frank's a little mad. He said that you were getting a divorce..."

"I don't want to...I don't know why I even said it. I love him, Mikey...And I wanna keep"

"Is that what it is? You want to spend more time with him but we're getting in the way...I'll talk to Gerard in the morning."

"No, don't do that. You can't cancel because of me."

"It's not just you. It's about Frank too. We want what is best for Frank, and you. We love both of you. Both of you together. I'll deal with the tour and I will personally make sure Frank comes back."

"I love you, Mikey." I received a kiss on my nose as the front door opened.

"So this is bad time..."

I turned and looked at the door. "Frank! You came back!"

"And I'm leaving. AGAIN!"

"No, Frank, get back here! I just kissed her nose! That's it! I came to here to see if she was okay!"

"You don't need to worry about that! She isn't for your concern! She's my wife and I take care of her! You leave her alone!"

"Frank, stop it."

"You, shut up!"

I opened my mouth to fight him but stopped. I shook my head, realizing it was no use, and got up, retreating into my room. Slamming the door, just to make sure he knew I was beyond pissed. I slid down the door as Frank banged on the other side.

"Carson, I didn't mean it. Carson, come out, please. I love you. Come out."

"NO! I'm not coming out! I don't want you near me! Leave my apartment right now!"

"Carson, I live here, too!"

"I said leave!"

The door's weight was relieved. "Carson, come on out so we can work this out. I know you aren't mad enough to leave your husband on the streets or in some cheesy hotel. So come on out. I'll make sure he plays nice and stays away from you." Mikey...why couldn't I have married him?

I rolled off the door and got up, slid the door open. "I don't wanna talk now."

Mikey grabbed hold of my arm and led me out of the room. "Frank, apologize."

Frank looked at me for a second. "I love you, Carson. I didn't mean it."

"That doesn't mean anything coming from you."

"I'm serious! Why can't you believe me?!"

"I know that you're not serious because tomorrow you'll say you hate me and that you're leaving me."

"I won't. I promise. I love you, seriously, love you. Mikey is here...He can vouch to it."

I turned my head at Mikey and looked back at Frank. "No...I don't wanna do this anymore. We fight everyday. It shouldn't be this hard."

"If you guys fight, it's okay. Fighting is okay. It shows that you love each other. Now, I'm going home. You guys can work this out without me..." Mikey let go and brushed by, leaving us still angry in the living room, now alone.

"You wanna sit down and talk or stand?"

"I want to be left alone."

"Carson, I want to stop fighting with you. I don't care what Mikey says. Fighting doesn't mean we love each other. We're having problems. We need to work them out the best we possibly can. I don't want to remarry again. I love you and I want to stay with you. I'll do whatever it takes."

I shook my head. He could have been telling the truth but it all sounded like lies to me. "Fine, I want to go to bed...alone..."

"Carson, come on. What did I do wrong? Tell me that at least. I want to know. I wanna make it better. I don't wanna fight you anymore."

"You should know what you did wrong. Good night, Frank."

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