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Chapter Seventeen: I still know the way to make your makeup run

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They were the best of friends, and nothing could come between them. Exept a major record deal, missed phone calls and lost letters. Emily moved on with her life, not realizing her old friends were ...

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Emily slowly opened the front door, and crept inside.
"Where were you, Emily? " cried a voice, and Emily looked guiltily up into Mitchy's blue eyes.
"I thought you'd be at work...."she muttered, looking down at her muddy shoes.
"I stayed home to wait for you, I was getting worried No note, nothing I was about to call the police, and- hey, what happened to your jeans? And who's Greenday? Emily, what /happened/? "
Emily had been hoping that Mitchy would be at work, so she could clean up, change into some half-decent clothes, and straighten out this whole situation over the phone. But luck failed her.
"Ah...I went to a concert..." she said slowly, fixing her eyes on the hardwood floor.
"A concert? /You/? With who?"
"A friend..."
"Who, Hanna-Bella?"
Emily knew it was now or never; she could lie to his face the rest of their sad, married lives or she could tell the truth.
"No, not Hanna-Bella. I went with...with Pete." Emily looked boldly up at her fiancé.
"Pete...that...goth guy?"
"He's not goth " Emily cried, amazed that Mitchy could be so dense. So what if he has black nails? He dresses more emo than- oh, God Music is poisoning my brain already
Emily drew a great, shaky breath;
"We went for drinks after, and....and..." tears rushed forward, hot and embarrassing.
"And what?" Mitchy whispered.
"And I woke up this morning in his hotel room . Naked."
Mitchy's shoulders slumped, his eyes filled with anger and hurt.
"What?" he whispered again.
Emily was now sobbing; she couldn't bear to repeat herself.
"I don't remember anything, Mitchy, my judgement was fucked up, I-"
"What did you just say?" Mitchy cried, astonished, "I've known you three years, and I have never once heard that word come out of your mouth Oh, Emily, what the hell did this guy do to you?"
Emily was now sobbing uncontrollably; her shoulders were shaking and she could hardly speak.
"What does this mean for us, Em? Do you even want to marry me anymore?" Mitchy didn't look angry anymore; just sad. Hurt and rejected.
"I d-don't know, M-Mitchy..." Emily sobbed and stuttered, "Pete and I h-have a his-history. Him coming b-back has sh-shaken up all this d-dust, and n-now I don't know wh-what I want."
"Do you love me?"
"Yes "
"Because I love you. And I know this wasn't your fault; obviously this Pete guy drugged you."
Emily's jaw dropped;
"N-no Pete would never, ever-"
But Mitchy just shook his head, and placed his hand gently on Emily's cheek.
"Do whatever you have to do. I love you either way."
Emily bit her lip to stop the flow of tears, and nodded.
"I just want you to know...I am going to end up hurting somebody in the end. And it might have to be you."
"Let's just hope it's Pete."

Emily didn't even have the physical strength to drag herself up the stairs to change into some half-decent clothes; the mornings events had happened so fast that she didn't even have time to realize she was majorly hung over. She grabbed some Tylenol, threw on her jacket and left for Hanna-Bella's.

"Oh my God, Honey, what happened to you? Hanna-Bella gasped; she was standing in the doorway, about to leave for work; she was wearing a hip, stylish business suit and clicky black high heels. Her mouth was hanging open at the sight of Emily; Greenday shirt, ripped jeans, a brown suede jacket and designer heels. Not the most appealing combination; it was like old Emily had gotten into a fight with new Emily.
"It's a long story." Emily muttered pathetically.
Hanna-Bella sighed, and muttered something to herself in Spanish, rolling her eyes towards the ceiling.
"I'll call in sick." she decided, "Now come in here, you're an absolute disaster!" Hanna-Bella ushered Emily inside, slamming the door behind them, and helped Emily into a near-by chair.
"Everything. Now." Hanna-Bella commanded bossily.
Head in her hands, Emily started with Patrick, Andy, Joe and Pete showing up on her doorstep and finished with telling Mitchy she'd woken up with her ex-boyfriend. Hanna-Bella didn't speak one word the entire time, but her honey-colored eyes grew larger and larger by the minute. When Emily finished, she looked up at her best friend hopefully.
"What do you think? Should I stay with Mitchy, or-"
"Are you actually considering this?!" Hanna-Bella exploded, "You're staying with Mitchy, of course!"
Emily looked shocked.
"Hanna, do you even realize what I just told you? I have a chance to make everything right again, to get my best friends back!"
"For God's sake, Emily, Mitchy is a DOCTOR! You could quit work right now and still be rich! He loves you, he isn't some worthless musician!"
Emily's pale eyes glowered menacingly.
"Pete is not 'some worthless musician'." she said tensely.
"Are you stupid?! Think of what he did to you! He broke your pretty little heart! He absolutely destroyed you, you've never been quite right since!"
Emily jumped up, angry now.
"Hanna, I left! Yeah, he broke my heart, he hurt me really bad, but..."
"But what, Emily?" Hanna-Bella snapped.
"I never got over him." Emily replied quietly.
"Well, who do you love, Mitchy or Pete?"
Emily simply stared into Hanna-Bella's eyes. She cried out in frustration;
"You love them both?!"
Emily nodded. Hanna-Bella shook her head sadly.
"But there's one thing that will never be the same again, Emily; Evie."
"Well, it's kinda your fault she said so yourself that Patrick still loves her."
Emily sighed, turning away.
"You're right. But...I think I could fix that."
"How, Emily? What are you gonna do, call her?"
Emily turned around and smiled simply. Hanna-Bella laughed nervously.
"You're not actually gonna-"
"Yes, I'm actually gonna."

"Please pick up...God, I hope this is the right number..." Emily muttered to herself.
"Hi, can I speak to Evie, please?"
"Yours truly."
"Ah...hi. It's Emily."
"I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong Evie, I don't know a- hey, waitaminute...Emily. I remember you."
"Heh heh...yeah. About that..."
"About what." Evie sounded tense.
"Um, well, about what happened a couple of years know, with Patrick and everything...I want to apologize."
Evie paused.
"Uh, thanks. But here's the problem; it's four years later and Patrick and I have both moved on. You're a lil bit late."
"I know it's late! But...well, Patrick didn't move on."
Another pause.
"Wait, what?"
"He still loves you."
Yet another pause.
"Okay, WHAT?!" Evie sounded frantic.
Exasperated, Emily repeated herself;
"Patrick never moved on. He still loves you."
"I...uh, well...does he...okay, I am really confused, here! I thought you guys don't talk anymore, how would you know this? Hell, I haven't heard from him in about a year- am I missing something?"
"They came back. It's only been a few days. And...yeah, some stuff has happened...and I know for a fact that Patrick still-"
"Loves me, yes, yes, I get it now. But why are you calling me?"
"Because...I want things to be back to normal. I want Patrick to be happy."
", if you don't mind me asking, how do you feel about Patrick?"
Emily heard Evie swallow hard.
"I don't know. I need some time to think."

A/N: Well, this is ALMOST the end. One more chapter, possibly two! =D
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