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Breakfast by Gerard

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Monica tells her daughters she is going to work on her relationsip with Gerard.

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"Don't they look cute?" Kelly giggled to her sister. Both girls stood looking down at Gerard and Monica sleeping on the sofa.
Monica opened one eye "Go away" she grumbled. Gerard tightened his arms around her and muttered something it was probably best no one could understand.
"Mom, Donna isn't here can you make breakfast?" Kelly asked. "Kara is leaving again and I'm hungry."
"Kara where are you going?" Monica asked opening both eyes and looking at her eldest.
"I'm going with Mikey and Alicia to take Bob to the airport. He is flying to Chicago for a few days." She did not sound at all happy. "But he will be back for the party New Year's Eve."
"Do I get to go?" Kelly asked excitedly.
"No, you are too young." She told her sister. "Besides if you did who would stay with Donna? It wouldn't be nice to leave her here all alone."
"Mom will be here," Kelly pointed out. "I really want to go. I have never even seen Mikey and Alicia's apartment. And I want to see their cats."
Kara had the older sister superiority vibe going "Too bad. And do you really think mom will be here? She and Gerard will be at the party, stupid"
"Don't call your sister stupid" Monica tried to stretch but Gerard was holding tight. "Gee, I've got to get up" she told him trying to move his arm. Once more he mumbled something but did move his arm so she could sit up.
"What party are we talking about?" Monica asked Kara. She stretched and looked down at her rumbled clothes.
"Mikey and Alicia are having a New Years Eve party. Didn't Gerard tell you? Bob promised he would be back for it. It's gonna be great. Alicia and I are going to decorate the whole apartment." Kara smiled "I can't wait but it is for adults" she looked over at her sister with a smirk.
"It's too early for you two to start arguing." Monica yawned. "Is there any coffee made?"
"Yea, Donna made a pot this morning cause she said she know you and Gerard would want some." Kelly answered.
Monica made her way towards the kitchen. The coffee smelled enticing. She poured herself and Gerard a cup and went back to where the girls were still arguing. "Gee, get up." She nudged him but he just rolled over. "I have coffee," she said.
He rolled over and looked at her "OK but just cause you brought me coffee. I'm still tired. Man, yesterday was a long day." He sat up and stretched.
"Bob told me about all the problems you guys had. But he said the Fuse interviews went great when you finally got them done. I didn't realize it was going to be an entire show." Kara said smiling. "I can't wait to see it"
Gerard took a sip of his coffee, "Yea, you'll really like it, especially Bob's interview"
Kara looked at him "I know, he told me"
Monica looked at them. "Well does anyone want to tell me cause I don't know?" Gerard looked at Kara and Kara looked at him. "One of you spill the info"
"Bob was asked if he had a girlfriend and he said he did" Kara answered smiling.
Gerard laughed, "Well that's one way to put it. They asked if he had a girlfriend and he announced to the world how much in love he was. Man, he just went on and on"
Kara was so pleased "He's so sweet. I just love him so much"
Monica tried not to flinch when she heard Kara's words. She knew Kara loved Bob she just hadn't heard her say it out loud before now. "Just remember you still have a few more months of high school."
"Yes, mother but I am eighteen you know" Kara sounded bored.
"Yea you really are getting old" Monica teased "Do your friends in school know about Bob?'
"I've told them, and just wait until the interview is on TV. They will go nuts. I keep talking about Bob but some of them don't believe me."
"So Gerard what did you say when they asked you about a girlfriend?" Kara questioned.
He frowned at Kara. This was a question he had been hoping didn't come up. "I don't like to talk about my personal life. I never have. Yet every interviewer always asks."
"Yea and since you and Mom aren't going to be seeing each other anymore I can see not wanting to answer that one."
"What are you talking about?" Kelly who had been in the kitchen had walked in and heard the last bit of the conversation. "Why would you not be seeing Gerard anymore?"
Monica looked at Gerard before answering, "Actually Gee and I are going to try to work out our problems," she told her daughters. This was such a hard topic she hoped they would let it go at that. She should have known Kara would not let it be.
"Really, well that's good. Because I can't think of any problem that should keep you two apart. Dad would want you to be happy wouldn't he?"
Just the mention of her dead husband caused all the doubts and pain to surface. She took a deep breath "I'm sure he would want me to be happy," In her head the voice was screaming, "Liar he hated you. He would want you dead like he is."
Gerard was watching her closely. He saw the look of pain pass through her eyes "Hey you can sit by me you know."
She looked over at him. God, the man knew when she needed him. "Maybe I don't want to" she teased as she sat down carefully so that her coffee didn't spill. "So when will they be here to pick you up?" she asked Kara wanting to change the subject.
Kara glanced at her watch. "Any minute. I better grab my coat. He has to be there three hours before his flight."
"Wonder what you two will find to do" Kelly taunted her sister. She was still angry about the New Years Eve party.
Kara glared at her "If you weren't a baby I would tell you"
"Enough girls" Monica warned
Kara went for her coat. Kelly looked over at her mom, "So are you going to make me breakfast or am I going to starve?"
Monica rolled her eyes. "I'm thinking you are old enough to make your own breakfast."
"You used to make me breakfast every morning" Kelly reminded her "Guess you are too busy now".
Oh nice shot at me Monica thought. She frowned at her daughter but said "Fine what do you want?' She knew Kelly was being a brat but for now she would let it go.
"Bacon, eggs and hash browns."
"Fine" Monica answered. She started to stand but Gerard spoke.
"Hey sit down and spend some time talking to Kelly. I'll make breakfast." He got up and went into the kitchen.
"He can cook?" Kelly whispered.
Monica shrugged "I guess so."
Kelly cleared her throat "Uh, mom why were you are Gerard going to break up? You two seem so happy together all the time. I've never heard him yell at you like daddy did."
Guilt pierced Monica. She had always tried to please Kyle enough that he wouldn't yell in front of the girls. She never wanted them to see or hear his evil temper.
"He didn't yell at me" she lied.
Kelly looked down, "Mama, Kara and I heard him yell at you. Once cause you bought the wrong kind of toothpaste. You started crying."
Once more she lied trying to cover the truth. "He was just having a bad day." She forced a smile "Anyway, Gee and I are going to try to work out our problems. I really like him."
Kelly laughed, "Mom, you love him. Everybody knows that" I wish you would stop treating me like a baby. "Besides its kind of hella neat my mom is dating the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. At first I thought it was so lame but my friends think its cool."
The phone on the table by the sofa rang. Monica leaned over and answered. It was Donna. "Hi, I just called to see if you and my son would be joining us for dinner tonight or if you are going out. I thought I might pick up some steaks for dinner and I wondered if you both will be home."
"Gee, your mom is on the phone. She wants to know if we are going out tonight or are we eating here?" There was a loud crash from the kitchen.
It took him a few moments before answering. "He says we are going out." She relayed to Donna.
Donna had heard the crash "What's going on?"
"Don't tell her what I'm doing" Gerard yelled from the kitchen. He sounded frantic.
"Uh, I'm not sure. I better go check. See you later" she hung up before Donna could ask any more questions. It was perfect timing because that was when the smoke detector went off.
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