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Tammy meet Carine

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Tammy meets a 7 year old girl named Carine I will post more when i get a few reviews tammy and her twin timeus have to go out and save the world from the evil shadow deamons

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Garron brought Tammy to the elder's house and left right after. "Hello little one" the elder said "hi" Tammy said shyly "now Tammy how old are you" "I'm 10" she said quietly "I see well she's a little younger than you but I think you'd like to meet her" "who" Tammy said confused
"A little girl she's in the next room."
Tammy walked in the room and saw a girl with blonde hair "hello my name is Carine I'm 7" the little girl said "well my names Tammy I'm 10" Tammy said rolling her eyes. "Are you going to be my friend, I don't have any other friends" Carine said sadly "no friends, I have my big brother he's kind of my friend" Tammy said feeling a little sorry for Carine "well there was a boy he saved me form the shadow demons 3 years ago. I don't really remember him but I really want to meet him again." "what happened" Tammy said with interest "well he came with the shadow but he was human and he pulled me to my house and said to stay there until all the shadows were gone and I did" Carine said quickly 'she's kind of boring' Tammy thinking to herself "it sounds like you like him, More than friend, like you love him." Tammy said trying to entertain herself "I guess I do but when someone saves your life that's expected" Carine said smiling "the only boy I ever remember seeing is my brother Garron" Tammy said "when I grow up I want to marry the boy that saved me. Then he can be the daddy and I can be a mommy." she said dreamily 'yah as if that's going to happen' "do you even understand marriage?" "Yah a girl and a boy live together and they go and buy babies" Carine said in a guessing voice. 'I have a metal advantage over her' "You don't buy babies you make them." Tammy said "How?" Carine asked 'This can be fun' "I don't know I think they give a recipe when you get married. Or something likes that." "Your brothers a grown up maybe he knows." "Yah but he's not married" Tammy said "he probably wouldn't know the recipe" Carine added.

"Big brother your back. This is my new friend Carine" Tammy said (she agreed to be her friend to keep her amused) hugging her big brother. "Nice to meet you Carine" Garron said kneeling down to her level. "Nice to meet you too." Carine said sweetly "Garron" Tammy tugged on his sleeve "yes" "where do babies come form?" Carine asked then was confused by his face and Tammy face was angry because Carine took away Garron's attention from her "I'll tell you when your older" "why?" Carine asked "it's kind of__well its an adult thing" Garron said kind of embarrassed. "Ok" the two girls said in union "Carine I talked to the elder of the city. He said that you are a pretty good swordswomen, is that right?" Garron asked the seven year old "I guess I'm pretty good "Carine said with pride 'she's so stuck up' Tammy thought to herself annoyed.
"I can use a sword too" Tammy said trying to get her brother attention. "That's cool we can be fighting partners" Carine said smiley. 'Oh joy' "Big brother where are going now" Tammy asked "were going to Senecanaka" Garron said sounding kind of worried. "What's wrong mister" Carine asked Garron "Carine you can call me Garron and nothing its just it's guarded by a griffin and we need a note form a town elder which I have now" Garron shrugged his shoulders. "Brother is Carine coming?" Tammy asked hoping he'd say no. "Yes the town elder said she can" Garron said getting tired of the girls questions. 'Dam it' Tammy thought "Why are we going to Senecanaka, Garron?" Carine asked. "Because we are that's why and no more questions." Garron almost yelled. "Sorry" the girls said apologizing to Garron. "It's getting late. We pick you up in the morning before we leave."

~ the next day~

Tammy was getting annoyed with Carine. Right now Garron was watching Carine train complementing her on her sword skills and saying how good she was for her age. "When I train in front of Garron it was always 'focus' or 'you can't just swing it around you need techniques'. Besides Carine uses a stupid fencing sword anyone can carry those while I have a normal sword that no other girl my age can lift. Probably I never meet another ten year old girl before." Tammy said to herself. "Hay Tammy what are you doing" Carine said jumping from behind her. "Thinking" Tammy said trying to ignore Carine. "Your brother's nice." Carine said hanging upside down form a tree. "You sure are annoying" Tammy said moving from the tree Carine was in. "are you ok" Carine jumped from the tree landing right in front of Tammy on her feet. "You sure get around quick" Tammy said confused how she got everywhere so quick. "I try to avoid villagers they don't like me they said the Afex name is cursed. Afex is my last name so in turn I'm cursed" Carine said sadly. "Cursed, why is your family cursed?" Tammy asked.
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