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Chapter 001:Invisibility.

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Anybody ever feel invisible? Lori Caylis did. Was never much of an attention getter, untill she met Pete. He saw her as beautiful and he wanted her so badly. The attention was too much. She agreed ...

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She wasn't your average girl. She wasn't tall, but she wasn't short. She wasn't fat but she wasn't skinny either. She was perfect. Her dark brown hair, almost black, was always shiny. Her green eyes were practicly see through. Her pale, pale skin. She was almost ghostly.

She didn't have a style. One day she would be dressed in black lace and a mini skirt with a band tee shirt. The next she would be wearing baby blue and bright pink.

Her name, Lori Marie Caylis. Named after her birth mother who passed away when she was young. She didn't remember her anyways. The eldest of 3 children. The other two from her fathers re-marriage. Her mother had always been Hera. The cause of Lori's real mothers death was a broken heart. Her father had been in a relationship with Hera for a while. After her death, Mr.Caylis proposed to Hera, and later on had two, snobbish sibilings. Lori also had a twin, but were seperated at birth. Lori had secretly been in touch with her ever since she was 13. Now, they're both 27. Her twins name? Saphire. Very unique name for a girl. But Mr.Caylis promised her.

People said she was the new age Cinderella. A fairy tale come to life. Except for one thing, fairy tales had the same ending. Happily, ever after.

"Lori!! Come on, we're gonna be late." Pete yelled.

She grabbed her stuff. "I'm coming!" She ran out to Pete and grabbed his hand.

She sometimes felt like a baby when she was with her boyfriend, Pete Wentz.

"Everyone's already in the car."

Lori rolled her eyes and kept on walking.

"Hey ghost girl." Patrick greeted her.

"Hey!" She smiled.

Ghost Girl was her given nickname by Andy.


"Dad." Lori said. "Can I roam around?"

"Yeah, no mischeif."

She was 23 years old, she should've been out of her parents house by now. Saphire was...

Carnivals didn't appeal to her. She thought of them as freaks dancing around, trying to communicate with the underworld.

"Hey young lady! Would you like to be on todays show?!" A clown sort of thing asked, popping up right in front of her.

She widened her eyes, sweared at it and ran away.

Focusing on the ground she didn't notice she was heading towards someone.

She ran straight into him.

"Hey, watch where you're going!"

She looked up.

A bunch of kids were stairing at her, along with four adults.

"Hey mommy! Look, it's Ghost Girl!" One of the kids said.

"I'm not a ghost you little brat!" She snarled.

"I could've been fooled." One of the four adults said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name? Ass Whole sounds kind of fitting right now." Lori snapped.

"Oh no. I'm Pete, Pete Wentz."

"Oh and are you the leader of the three stuges?"

"I'm sorry but no. Those are my friends Patrick, Andy and Joe."

"Oh. I'm Lori."

"Okay, you're being kind of weird." Patrick said. "First you called us the three stuges and now you're being...nice."

"If you'd like me to be mean I will!" She said, raising her voice.

"We'd rather have you nice." Andy laughed.

The rest of that day, they hung out.

"So, let's go. Where should we go to eat?"

"It's Lori's birthday. Let her pick." Joe said.

Everyone staired at her. She shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me. I'm not hungry."

They staired, Pete finally spoke. " didn't eat anything today."

"I had a bowl of cereal this morning and lots of water."

"That's like eating air." Andy said.

"But at least it was something." Lori said.

"I'm worried about you. I don't want you to become anorexic." Pete sighed.

"I'm not anorexic! I'm just not hungry. Pat, turn the car around."

"No, keep going."

"I said turn it around!"

"Both of you! Stop!" He yelled. "We'll go somewhere and if she doesn't wanna eat, she won't eat! Okay?"

"Fine, I don't give a crap anyhow." He said. "I was just making sure my girlfriend was okay!"

"And I told you I was!"

'I never wanted to be with him anyways. I only agreed untill it was my time. Just one more month, Lori. One more month.' She sighed. "Pete?"

He looked at her. Still angry.

"I'm sorry." She looked at the ground.

So what do you think? Good bad? Yes I got inspired by GhostGirl on aol. I really like that story so I tried something on my own simalar to that. Chapter 2 soon!!
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