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Death Becomes You

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I suck at summerys, but here goes: Dorimono is a muerderious lunitic, only waiting, for the the next target to appaer. Elenor is in for the fight of her life, that she just may lose...! Please Re...

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Published: 2006-12-30 - Updated: 2006-12-31 - 620 words

Death becomes you

My adrenaline was pumping. I felt as if I had just run a race, although losing, it felt wonderful. As I watched him come nearer, I my heart raced, my breath quickened, and I felt his evil aura coming closer; I don't know what to do, should I run, or should I fight it. I'm not sure of who will win, I'm hoping for myself, or else I and many others, will die. Closer still, he comes. He is taking out a knife; I can see the tip, sharp, glinting in the dim light. I close my eyes, Dorimono is his name. The man is a mass murderer, kills for fun. Rumors fly around that he could be a werewolf, lucky for me the full moon was a week ago. Other rumors say he's a vampire, but this one I'm sure, is false. For one, there was no blood sucked victims. Dorimono draws even closer now, I can almost smell is rancid murderous breath, waiting, and hoping to make his special kill; me!
"It's your time, your death will make my night, your death will be the highlight above all others, you are my long awaited target, and now I have you cornered, and helpless." Dorimono snarled at me. I could see his rotten teeth, as he gave me an evil grin. The ambition, and huger for my death lingered in his eyes. "I know your going to kill me, I knew it was coming. The warnings were all too clear, and that's why I came, too fight you. I know I will lose, but I'm not going down without a fight." I cried angrily to him. I drew my pistol, aimed and fired. The shot rang through the night, but somehow, I missed. Then he lunged towards me, and I realized that I hadn't missed, I had struck him in the heart! It was then that I realized that I had been dealing with the undead, a new species of it. Dorimono had been closer then I thought; he speared my leg with his knife, razor sharp. I screamed in anger and pain, hating my self for losing concentration. The blood was warm, and I could feel it dripping down my leg. Limping towards him, I brandish my own knife, and slam it down as hard as I could, and felt the crack of his skull. Suddenly, I was in the air, flying towards the wall. It crumbled behind me, as I fell through it, and hit the rock hard. It grew darker, and darker, and I lost consciousness. When I awoke, he was standing over me, it was growing lighter outside, but it would still be hours before they found me; by then I would be dead. "My long awaited kill, now will come into effect, any last words my prey?" he croaked out these words, inches away from my face. "Yes, I hope you rot, in the depths of..." I gave a sharp gasp, for he stabbed me in the chest. The last words I heard him say were "Death becomes you darling daughter," and all I heard afterwards was his evil laugh.

This was my story, I am a ghost now, and I help those who need it, to track down my murderous father. My name is Eleanor Quaterine, and my father killed not only me but, my mother, my sister and my two brothers. For this he shall pay, because my daughter will avenge all our deaths, with the help of her father and friends, this I know, because I am her angel. Perhaps, my family shall finally rest, once my father is dead; and the world can sleep soundly once again.
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