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Detailed Author's Notes and Warnings - Pre-Story

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Harry mysteriously disappeared at the age of 6, and then benefited from years of tutoring from an old family friend. With the return of Voldemort, it is finally time for a 15 year old, well-traine...

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A Pre-Disclaimer to Echoes of Power ...

Feel free to skip this not-really-a-chapter and move directly into the story, but I strongly suggest you read this or risk flames from the author (and maybe even the betas) later.

Some of the stories I am posting here have first been posted in some form on SIYE. I am reposting them here because I have run into the content limitations of SIYE. This is not for review pandering or any such silly nonsense. This is simply because I believe that I, and I alone, have the right to edit my work, or decide what and what is not acceptable to write.

I like that SIYE does try, at some level, to enforce a minimum standard to writing quality and content. I will continue to post there what I can, but not everything I write will go there.

This aside, the story you are about to read incorporates some concepts I'm sure you've read or heard of elsewhere in fanficdom. Let's be honest. There are tons and tons of Harry Potter fanfic stories, roughly 95+% of which are crap and drivel. So the odds that everything I do is completely novel are really quite low. If you think I've "borrowed" a concept from some earlier work, it may be true, or it may be independent minds thinking similarly. Point it out to me. I'll know the difference, and either give prior credit if I missed it or else acknowledge that someone else had a similar idea independently. Likewise, I expect people that borrow my ideas to at least give credit for them.

None of this is to say that this story is somehow better than the rest. I'm sure it's not. But hopefully it's above the "noise" of most of the drivel out there.

You will also find martial arts incorporated into this story. Before you rant at me or even open your mouth or prepare your fingers to write some inane drivel about it all, bear this in mind: I spent something like 8 years of my life as an adult training /very hard/ and I know what I'm talking about. If you have a rational and well-educated comment, feel free to tell me something or ask a question or point out a potential problem. If you do not, I do not expect to hear from you about martial arts. Ever. Unless you're asking for advice.

This story has a complex plot. Little details left in one chapter may not resurface for several chapters - a dozen or more, or even the next Part installment. The attention to even little details is so involved that there's no way to just write the chapters easily. Similarly, you can read it quickly, but you'll most likely wind up asking a lot of questions others know the answers to already. It's not a story that hands you everything on a silver platter. You have to be able to think to enjoy it fully. Sure, it has action, drama, fights, death, romance, humour, and all the rest. That you can pick up on without being a careful reader. But you'll miss out on quite a few other things.

This story is in three parts. Part I is the most detailed and the longest. While the plot is nailed down and the major and minor events are all fixed in stone, it is not fully written and I update as I can. Originally, that was at least weekly. Since I do have a real job, a real life, and a real family, lately that's slowed down quite a bit, to something like every 2-4 weeks. I also have an elaborate beta team, and they all have real lives too, with their own families and issues. Bear this in mind if you're inclined to ask for more frequent updates.

This story is Rated R. It has graphic violence, language, deaths, and many other things - including a few scenes of mild child abuse for Harry's childhood history. If you're not an adult, or find material like this objectionable, don't read it.
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