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Minako realizes that in order to reach her dream she has to give up the person she loves. Was it worth it? I wrote this in 15 minutes for the livejournal community 15minuteficlets ReixMinako

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Minako (Venus), Rei (Mars) - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-12-31 - Updated: 2006-12-31 - 573 words - Complete

Title: Ambition
Author: vulgar_vogue
Length: one shot
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing/Character: Rei/Minako
Disclaimer/Claimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.


It drove her and kept her going throughout the lonely nights. She spent every night alone but it was all for this. Her ambition to reach the top, to become a star has led her to give everything up.

Minako had to leave her. She was only holing her back. Rei was only in her way. Sure it was wonderful to be with the other woman but Minako wanted to be famous. She wanted everyone to know her. So she moved to Hollywood.

She attended glamour parties every night. She went to exclusive clubs. She was surrounded by people all the time. People who wanted her to become famous. They loved her beauty, her power and most of all her money. But they did not love her.

They did not love her like Rei did. Rei could never find a single fault in her. Whenever Minako complained about being too fat, too stupid, or too naive Rei was always there to make her feel better. Rei was also there to tell her that she looked like the Goddess Venus, that what she lacked in school smarts she more then made up for in street smarts and that her child like behavior was one of the cute things about her.

But Minako left all of that behind. She had to, or so she thought. She was an ambitious girl who knew what she wanted and went after it. People praised her for going after her big dream and making it to Hollywood. She was a pop star and an actress. She was everything that she wanted to be. So why was she still sad?

Minako was no fool. She knew what it was. All the fame was nothing compared to Rei's touches and Rei's love. Why did she leave again? Was her dream, her ambition really greater? Was it worth giving up the person who truly loved her, the most?

Floating in her pool Minako can't help but wonder what she was doing here? Why was she ambitious again? What was she ambitious about? Why did she come to Hollywood? Minako couldn't remember. She wanted to go back. Every night she would lie in bed and think about Rei. She would touch herself and pretend that it was Rei's fingers that were caressing her body. But she couldn't go back. How could she go back after she bluntly told Rei that she was in her way of reaching her dreams and true potential. She couldn't go back to Rei even if Rei would take her back.

It was too late. She was the one who left because she wanted this. She wanted the lights, the parties, and the people flocking around her, this was what she wanted. It's funny how a person longs for something and then once they get it they don't want it any more.

Ambition? Minako lost that a long time ago. She lost the ambition to go forward with this dream that she so badly wanted. Now she couldn't take the lights, the cameras, and the glamour. No. Now she would give anything to go back to her quiet town and live peacefully with the one she loves. Minako decided ambition was a stupid thing. It fit her perfectly. She was a stupid girl after all.
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