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Simple Ds characters having a Hogmanay do! R&R plz

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Disclaimer: I don't own it!!!!

Happy Hogmanay (New Years Eve 4 u non Scots) this is 4 Bex! U Rawk!!!!!!! May 2007 be joyful and fun!!! Ave yersel a braw new year!!!



Woo New Years Eve!!! I'm going to show vampires how to party- Human style!!!! It's 10:30 and so far no sad faces. Even Mr Crepsley is having a good time. He was the toughest to get on board with our party plans but we convinced him...

2 Days Earlier.

"Why do you always want me to get involved with silly human holidays?" Mr Crepsley asked after the seventh time I had pestered him about New Year.
"Think of it this way- it is tradition to kiss everyone when the bells ring..." I answered.
"Not your most persuasive argument Darren." Mr Crepsley huffed.
"No. I mean you don't have to kiss other dudes but you will get to kiss a lady..." Darren said and coughed "Arra" Mr Crepsley looked up and suddenly warmed to the idea of New Year.

Gavner was already off his face and Kurda was trying to help him out (which wasn't a great idea as he was drunk too!). Mr Crepsley and Arra disappeared for a while(!) and I was trying to get as many people to get me drink as possible. So far- no good!!! The night was going well and everyone was having a laugh and a carry on.


Mika looked pretty peeved off when Mr Crepsley and Arra disappeared and reappeared looking rather scruffy (I won't go into details because I would appreciate not being scarred for life!!!) and was trying to get Arra's attention. I could see by the way this was heading there will probably be a fight for the kiss at midnight!!!

11:59 and 50 secs

"Happy New Year!!!!!"
Everyone raised their glass and shook hands except a certain couple who dove straight into the kissing at the count of "5" Mr Crepsley and Arra! And after they were done snogging Mika got in. Arra was pretty taken aback and when Mr Crepsley and Mika started a huge argument she went round wishing everyone else a happy new year and hung out with me and a sobering Kurda and Gavner (who were only allowed water for the rest of the night).


That's it folks sorry it's short and crap but I was determined to write it even though I had a bad case of block-itus lol. If you think you could write better please do I would love to hear what you guys would have the DS characters doing. R&R plz.
Tina x P.S. Bex there you go doll!
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