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New Year Excitement

by StripesCO 1 review

Tre and Billie get excited over New Years! My second story! (Non-slash). Enjoy.

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"Hey Tre guess what?" Billie Joe asked. "What?!" Tre Cool questioned him.
"Today's New Years Eve!" Billie shouted happifully. "Awesome!" Tre shouted.
"And are we goin' Party?!" Billie yelled. "Yeah we're goin' PARTY!!" Tre screamed.
"Goin' to Partake?"
"We're goin' PARTAKE!"
"Are we going to..."
"Yes, yes, YES!!" Tre inturppeted Billie.
"AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!" They both screamed into the air.

"Would you two just SHUT UP!?" Mike yelled at them. "Besides New Years isn't till five more hours." Mike continued as he walked back up the staircase.
"Sorry Mike," they both yelled up to him.
"Yeah, whatever..." Mike trailed off as he closed his bedroom door.

"YEAH! Only five more hours to go!" Tre yelled.
"TRE!" Mike and Billie screamed at him.
"What?" he replied sheepishly.

Happy New Year!
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