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The Birth Of Merik

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The chapter where Merik comes in as so does Adam and Eve and a girl you probaly don't know just yet.

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Okay be ready for Merik!!!!
It was one of those crazy hot days. Adam was working on making sure the Ancient world was stable enough. He had been working on it for years now. This time he hoped that he finished it for the fact that his wife Eve was do to give birth soon. Seinoria was helping Eve. When Adam was sure the Ancient world was ready he sent Eve and Seinoria up. Eve was laughing at something that Seinoria must have said to her.

(A/N You'll notice that theirs a girl that you don't know, well you'll learn sometime in the story. And I don't know what goes on when someone is giving Birth so I'm leaving all that out and as for the fact I will also only put one chapter in between each Birth until I can go ahead with most of the story and then I will probably have to do the Birth kind of then again but it all depends on how many years are going to be put between this and at one point I'll have this in a violence section and eventually I might need to change the rating when you thing I need to tell me what it should be sorry for interrupting the story.)

They found that the Ancient world was nicely done up too. All three met their Dragons that very day. They hatched for them. Later in that very day an infant was born.

"Merik let your mind wander free and take control of the evil to turn them into the good they should be." A voice said in the child's head. He would remember them and they would be engraved on his sword when he grows older.

"Eve, he's your first born son." Adam said.

"Yes I know." Eve said sighing.

Seinoria was no where in sight but that was for the fact that she was disgusted by all this good magic that was flowing though out this Ancient world.

Merik was welcomed into the world as an Ancient. You have been blessed to come in related to one, but be careful it could lead you into so much danger. Merik would soon find out how dangerous this magic can be it isn't a useless magic it is more then just mind control it also has powers that can only be controlled by him and only him.

Sorry for cutting it short but I don't have much in mind for this chapter but I'll probably have a lot more in future chapters but for now this will have to do.
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