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Dark Side

by Togot 1 review

my better half

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Published: 2005-08-11 - Updated: 2005-08-11 - 150 words - Complete

I am the one you don't like to see
But it is you who brought me to be
So you had better take responsibility.
What you hate I love what you love I hate
You try to get rid of me but now it's to late
Enslavement to me is your eternal fate.
My greatest pleasure is your worst pain
Your tears nourish me like a tree under rain
Under your tender care I have been driven totally insane.
I grow in power as you grow in age
My veins boil with unstoppable rage
And so your morality put me in this cage.
I am why you're afraid at night
Thinking ill jump out to give you a fright
And so you pull your covers tight.
You hate me controlling your actions from behind
So if it's me you want to find
I'm deep inside the back of your mind.
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