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A short oneshot that just came to me. EO implied.

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Disclaimer: I don't own SVU

A/N: I thought I'd post this oneshot because there really aren't enough SVU stories on FicWad. I hope you like it. Reviews are always appreciated.

The last rays of the sun spread across the precinct roof. Olivia stands, looking down upon the city. From up here, it seems so peaceful and she wants to believe the lie. She takes a deep breath and allows her eyes to close. The gentle breeze brushes the hair from her face.

The door to the roof opens and Elliot steps out. He watches her simply standing there, the waning light framing her perfectly. She is his angel He doesn't want to disturb the few moments of peace that she has found for herself in this hectic day but he knows that he has to; they have a job to do. He takes a step forward and taps her lightly on the shoulder. She turns to face him with a soft smile gracing her lips and he sighs, knowing that the smile is about to disappear and probably won't resurface for hours if even then. He clears his throat "We got a call," he begins and watches as the smile fades and a frown takes its place "A girl at NYU found her roommate in the hall half naked."

Olivia nods and takes one last look at the city below. Bathed in twilight, she wants to believe the lie but she knows better. She turns and follows Elliot back downstairs to the real world, the world of blood and tears.

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