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Before It Lands

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My first JAG fic. Just a short little thing I thought up.

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Before It Lands

Disclaimer: I don't own JAG

A/N: My first ever JAG fic. What can I say? I'm feeling inspired to write today and I thought I'd just try this out. I hope you like it.

Time stands still as the coin seems to hang in mid air. Neither knows the decision that they should make so they've turned it over to fate. Mac can see him out of the corner of her eye and in her heart, she knows that if fate favors her, she will feel guilty. She can't possibly choose her career over this man, the man that she has loved for so long.

As the coin falls, he is watching her. Whatever happens, he knows that he will love this woman. He doesn't care what fate decides as long as they are together. It has taken him a long time to see the truth clearly through everything else that has surrounded them over the years but he knows now that no matter what fate decides, he will obey because it means that he will be with her.

The coin hovers in the air for a moment longer and then...

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