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Another Perfect Day

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Hinata and Naruto relax on a beautiful spring day and think about their relationship together.

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Title: Another Perfect Day
Author: vulgar_vogue
Length: one shot
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto/Hinata
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Disclaimer/Claimer: I do not own Naruto, and this is purely fiction. That means that this is not real and it never happened. I am also not making money off of this.
Summary: Hinata and Naruto relax on a beautiful spring day and think about their relationship together.

Hinata leaned her head against Naruto's shoulder. She could get used to this, laying in the grass on a warm sunny day with the boy that she liked. It was just perfect. Hinata snuggled closer to the blond-haired young man and closed her eyes.

Naruto was lying on his side with his blue eyes barely open. He suppressed a yawn as he felt Hinata move closer. Naruto smiled. He never expected to find himself in a relationship with Hinata. He had always had a crush on his friend and former teammate, Sakura, but she didn't return his feelings. Hinata was the one who saved him from becoming depressed over it. She went out with him and tried everything she could to cheer him up. She was a very sweet girl, and the two started to spent a lot of time together.

Naruto didn't know what to do that day when Hinata confessed her feelings to him. He didn't want to hurt her, he had already known what rejection felt like, but at the same time he wasn't sure what his feelings for her were. However, Naruto decided to go out with Hinata and take things slowly. He was glad that he did because now he knew that he really did return her feelings.
The cool spring breeze blew calmly against his face. Naruto closed his eyes. Hinata was staring at her boyfriend. She never expected that Naruto would return her feelings. When he agreed to go out with her Hinata had to ask again to make sure that what she heard was real and not just in her head, but Naruto had said yes and they've been together ever since.

It had been one whole year since the two started dating. It was a peaceful relationship without much drama. Like any couple they had their problems. One thing that Hinata hated was how gross Naruto could be. She was always picking up his dirty room whenever she was over at his house, and he farted a lot, something Hinata could live without.

One day Hinata had gotten up the courage to confront Naruto and his nasty habits. The two got into a fight over dirty dishes, smelly clothes and farts. It ended up with Hinata slamming the door and walking home. She never knew she could get so angry. Naruto felt bad for getting the usual quiet, sweet Hinata so worked up. He made it up to her by trying to be romantic and make dinner. He ended up burning the food and lighting the flowers on fire instead of the candles. But in the end the two just had to laugh at the event. It was clear that romance was not Naruto's forte.

That was their first, and so far only, big fight.

There relationship was like the perfect spring day. It was clam and soothing with a few light breezes, and it smelled like freshly picked flowers. It was the kind of sweet relationship that Hinata always dreamed of, and the just the kind of thing that Naruto needed to keep him controlled and to tame his wild behavior. Naruto no longer needed to be the center of attention for the whole village. No, now he just needed to be the center of attention for Hinata.
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